December 2017

Anxiety - A Personal Monster Lives Silently In Human Mind

Our social structure is continuously bombarded us with increasing demands for a better job, home, and lavish lifestyle, although these are not mandatory to have a better life.  However, every day we heard about thousands of new services, products, and inventions to make human life easier than before. Truth is, these social pressure, new technology is actually creating more pressure on the human brain and develops disappoint.  These disappoint ultimately

Game of Thrones

What are you looking for a TV show? A good story or maybe actions or may be great acting. It’s hard to find all the required ingredients to make a show popular in one place. Even if it’s mixed still it’s almost impossible to keep title high for a long run. Very few TV shows made this possible and Game of Thrones is one of them. This show is already

List of Bangladesh Daily Newspapers (Bangla)

In this article, you will find all the published newspaper in Bangladesh. Also, you will find all Bangladesh based online newspapers, radio channels, and other popular websites. Daily Newspapers(BN)         Daily Newspaper (EN)          Online Newspapers           TV Channels          Radio Channels  National Newspaper      Chittagong Newspaper     Shyllet Newspaper Barisal Newspaper Rajshahi Newspaper Khulna Newspaper   Comilla Newspaper

List of Public National Holidays of Bangladesh in 2018

Here is the list of National Holidays of Bangladesh in 2018. Note: Friday and Saturday are pubic weekends Day Date Holiday Comments Wednesday 21-Feb-18 Language Martyrs’ Day Saturday 17-Mar-18 Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s birthday Monday 26-Mar-18 Independence Day Saturday 14-Apr-18 Bengali New Year Sunday 29-Apr-18 Buddha Purnima Tuesday 1-May-18 May Day Wednesday 2-May-18 Shab-E-Barat Date varies on Lunar Cycle Tuesday 12-Jun-18 Night of Destiny Friday 15-Jun-18 Jumatul Bidah Friday 15-Jun-18 EiD-Ul-Fitr

Habits to destroy your time

Let’s take a break and think back about what you have done in last one month. You spent a pretty good time for sleeping, a long time at work place or at educational institution and then might spent the time with your friend or family. Considering the priorities, you might feel that you’re spending the time in right way but is it true? The fact, time is a valuable intangible

FIFA World Cup 2018 Participants

  Group A:  Russia: Fifa Ranking: 65 Total Appearances: 10 First FWC: 1958 Best Achievement: 4th place in 1966 Saudi Arabia: Fifa Ranking: 63 Total Appearances: 4 First FWC: 1994 Best Achievement: Round of 16, 1994 Egypt Fifa Ranking: 31 Total Appearances: 2 First FWC: 1934 Best Achievement: First Stage 1934, 1990 Uruguay Fifa Ranking: 21 Total Appearances: 12 First FWC: 1930 Best Achievement: Champion 1930, 1950 Group B Portugal