Habits to destroy your time

Let’s take a break and think back about what you have done in last one month. You spent a pretty good time for sleeping, a long time at work place or at educational institution and then might spent the time with your friend or family. Considering the priorities, you might feel that you’re spending the time in right way but is it true? The fact, time is a valuable intangible asset and it does not return. In your busy schedule you have spent a good amount of time for your family, work, friends but what happens to the remaining portion? It is very important to understand how much time you have spent on doing really some good stuffs while how much time you are costing unnecessarily. It’s important because this remaining portion of time might define your future life. So it is vital to understand where you need put your time or not. Let’s figure out some habits of a regular that is killing time unknowingly.

1. Use of Social Media: This is the trendiest way to spend your time unnecessarily and whole generation is affected by it. You are not a surveillance camera that you need to check all of your friend’s activity all the day. Yes, it’s true that these social media are connecting people easily but obviously it is not worth enough to spend couple of hours every day to check the home page feed. Also once people lived without posting their stories on social media. It allows people to know about your activity then share some sweet talks and you are feeling better about it, that’s it. The fact, the time you are spending to get the attention from your social media friends, you can use same amount of time in doing some creative works which might help you in future.

2. Unnecessary social interaction: Have you ever checked, how much time of a day you are spending for prodding, poking, urging, encouraging, bothering and badgering others rather than spending it for good cause. For building a social network, for developing your connection, it is important to have social interaction. At the same time, it is important that with whom you are spending the time. It’s always appreciated to spend quality time with loved one but other than that in different occasions if you spend with some people who are surrounding you with same old sad stories then you might have stuck in one place forever. So to utilize the time you need to understand with whom you are actually passing the time. Unnecessary social interactions may cost your time badly.

3. Entertainment Addiction: Life is now more challenging than 10-20 years before. Back then life was less complicated and people were actually with each other. However, time has changed, life becomes complicated and people don’t have to time reach others sometimes. So people are relying over entertainment now days to pass their leisure time. Now when people start to watch these movies, TV series and other shows, they really can’t control the time machine. Likewise, a TV series episode can cause you 1 hour a day, a movie can cause 3 hours. It’s okay to attach with these shows few times in a week but if happens every day then it is a matter of concern. Remember you have only 24 hours in a day and if you spend around 2 hours for “entertainment show” purpose everyday then you squeeze your scope to do other things heavily.

4. Having doubt: When you need to do something ensure you know about the thing properly. If you know about half of the work, then it will create doubt in your mind. Doubt is a time killer; it slows you from taking any further steps to the work. Some people are having the habits to have the doubt in everything they do, please don’t do this. Either you go for it or don’t. Standing in the middle and do nothing will send you to nowhere.

5. Strategic Focus Vs Focus on all: Do you need to do everything in your life? No, you don’t. Everything is not achievable. That’s why you need a very strategic focus in your life rather than focusing on everything. Such as, if you want to do 24 works then you can get only 1 hour for each, rather if you want to do 4 works then you will get 6 hours each. It helps you to do the work fast and properly and also this is less stressed way to do. It is always more important to allocate time rationally. It helps to generate best result out of everything. Sometimes people tell you to do this thing or that which might unship you from your real focus in life.

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