Anxiety – A Personal Monster Lives Silently In Human Mind

Our social structure is continuously bombarded us with increasing demands for a better job, home, and lavish lifestyle, although these are not mandatory to have a better life.  However, every day we heard about thousands of new services, products, and inventions to make human life easier than before. Truth is, these social pressure, new technology is actually creating more pressure on the human brain and develops disappoint.  These disappoint ultimately lead towards depression and anxiety among humankind.

Types of Anxiety:


Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is excessive anxiety for no apparent reason. A person who is suffering from GAD for longer than 6 months should be diagnosed, otherwise, the person can function quite normally. If one experiences severe cases of GAD than this might create an intense impact on victim’s life.

Social Anxiety Disorder is a type of social phobia. This caused fear among the people for being humiliated or being judged by society. People are being ashamed of their social situation. People suffering from this problem are not in continuous mental pressure in order to continuously compared themselves with others. Sometimes these patients wait decades to speak out about this and in some cases, they never express themselves due to fear of embarrassment.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) develops after you’ve witnessed or experienced something traumatic. Symptoms can begin immediately or be delayed for years. Common causes include war, natural disasters, or physical attack. Episodes of anxiety may be triggered without warning.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD is a kind of anxiety-related disorder that caused from a compulsive behavior. This anxiety ailment creates a desire to perform a specific behavior continuously. Most common OCD patients fall into the categories of checkers, washers, doubters, counters & arrangers and hoarders.

Different types of phobias are also mentioned as anxiety. Some common phobias are fear of heights, fear of life etc. These phobias are creating a specific mindset to avoid some specific situations or repeated doing something. It is important to understand Panic Disorder is caused by anxiety, terror, and other issues. The influence of Anxiety over the panic disorder depends on the level, type, and duration of anxiety. People with any type of anxiety disorder may have panic attacks.


Social signs of Anxiety:


People who suffer from anxiety are living in the world of fear. The fear established based on the particular source of experience which caused the angst. Most common fear caused by the thought of social withdrawal or pulls out from safe zones like home. Some small incidents or such situations might cause the fear based on previous experiences, such as meeting with boss or management etc.

Repetitive behaviors:

This is one of major sign of this nervousness disorder. These victims usually show the sign of angst behavior while doing same activity repeatedly.  For example, washing cloth, hand for no reason; checking something recurrently etc.

Personality Change:

Due to obsession or fear of something, the victim of anxiety changes their personality and in most cases, it happens unwillingly. Suddenly the victim stops talking to close people or curiosity increases on unnecessary matters or start shouting just for no reason. These personality changes to protect themselves from their concern matter, though it makes the situation worse.

Signs of Anxiety
Signs of Anxiety

Trouble at the workplace:

People who are suffering from different types of anxiety failed to concentrate on the specific activity. This issue leads them to create chaos in the workplace. In most cases, the office management is unaware of the concern person’s mental state as it is not easy to detection unless the victim speaks up. Usually, people don’t want to express their situation in the workplace as they think this might harm their career while this ultimately lead them towards more destruction of themselves and others.

Relationship problem:

Fear, change in personality, trouble at the workplace and other issues faced by the victim created immense pressure on person’s mind. This ultimately twisted person’s personal life. They start to face problems at home with their loved ones as they can’t express themselves and also fighting the problem within themselves. Many relationships break down due to excessive anxiety effect.  Furthermore, this causes depression and in many cases, the victim involves into abusive work and becomes drug addicted.

This disorder breaks the regular thinking process of the person, although they seem fine while they are in the opposite state of mind. The person fails to understand the right and wrong. Their health breaks down and becomes physically weak.

Now the regular anxiety and the anxiety disorder are very much close. Therefore it causes confusion among the victims to really understand the situation they are in. It is very hard to differentiate from each other. Let’s find out how to differentiate these:


How to manage Anxiety:

In the case of managing this disorder, it is important to understand that it is a more a psychological issue rather than the physical disorder. However, this problem can be solved more effectively through a controlled lifestyle rather medicine based treatment. To manage anxiety a person needs to work in three sectors; these are mind, body, and action to change lifestyle.

  1. Mind:
  • Accept of what you are.
  • Understand that everything is not under your control
  • Maintain a positive outlook
  • Understand what are the roots of this problem and stay out of it
  • Challenge yourself
  • Give your best
  1. Body:
  • Exercise & get enough sleep.
  • Don’t involve with drug
  • Eat healthy food and maintain proper time to eat
  1. Action

In conclusion, to solve the anxiety, it is important to identify the issue in first place. The key to identifying the problem is to share the issue with close ones. It must be contained before it creates a bigger whole in mind.  Anxiety is a monster that lives silently in the human brain. Hence, this monster can destroy one’s life easier if someone does not give proper attention to it. The attention requires not from the person only but also the surrounding also.

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