Why WWE? Reasons to Watch WWE Every Week

Since your childhood, you are a die heart fan of WWE. You always believed everything WWE showed you, is true. You were excited about every move makes by WWE superstar. Suddenly a realistic person comes to you and explains this is just a stage show. People are telling you that you have been grown enough; now it’s time to quit to watch this show. So are you going to quit this show just because this is not real?

Nah! You should not. If you quit watching WWE, then you are going to miss something amazing in your life. People who do not watch WWE think this is just a show of fake fighting. However, this is more than that. WWE and Pro Wrestling are just more than a fake fighting show. Let’s find out what are the reasons to watch pro wrestling on WWE every week.

WWE, it’s just another great TV show:

What is WWE? This is a TV show. It’s just another TV show like groundbreaking Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad or House of Cards. Every show has its genre, some are Sci-Fi, some are romantic or something else. WWE is just like that. It’s a pro wrestling based action-packed TV show. A TV show actually works with imaginations and includes some twist in it to make it more attractive.

WWE, it’s just another great TV show
Different Brands of WWE
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WWE has done exact same with its own path. Sometimes people try to corner you as if you are the rare person to watch this show but actually you are not. WWE is part of one of the biggest business in this world, “Pro Wrestling”. It has fans around the world and it’s increasing day by day.

Story Line

One of the core strength of WWE is its storyline. WWE has a strong line of creative directors who are working day and night to develop these stories. These stories are not only about fighting and it has a lot of diversity then you can’t imagine if you don’t watch WWE in a regular basis.

Love story

WWE has come up with few notable love stories in last few decades. These storylines not only gave them immense limelight but it changed overall landscapes of the industry.  Sometimes WWE used real-life couples for these stories and sometimes characters just played their roles. In most of the cases, these were love triangles.

Love story in WWE
Love story in WWE
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One of the most iconic love stories was among Triple H, Stephanie, and Test. Back in early 2000, according to the storyline, Stephanie had a relationship with Test and they have gone for marriage but things got complicated while HHH enters into the relationship eventually the marriage breaks up. However, currently HHH and Stephanie are happily married. Another known love story emerged among Kane, Lita, and Edge whether Lita eventually left Kane for Edge. So Kane fought Edge to get her back.


WWE has given us some incredible friendship storyline. We have seen the friendship of DX, The Shield, Eddie and Rey, Kevin and Sami. These friendship stories were so deep that most of the time, they became real-life friends afterward.


We have seen multiple betrayal stories on betrayals in WWE. In recent time we seen Kevin Owens ditch his good friend Jericho. He also betrayed his old friend Sami Zayn in NXT. Seth turned on The Shield is one of the iconic moment in the WWE history. It just goes on and on.

Boss vs Employees

Have you ever pissed off at your boss? Yes of course you are and sometimes you want to brushfire your anger but you can’t. However, in WWE there was the real storyline where the employee actually attacked his boss. Yes, we are talking about the rivalry between McMahon and Stone Cold. Still, now people remember how savagely Austin attacked his boss.

You also can remember the storyline of CM Punk and HHH. The storyline was too much personalized that sometimes CM PUNK and HHH went out of the script. The story was too much popular that people yet cheers for that even after Punk left years ago.

Story to overcome all the challenges of life

We all have some sorts of challenges in life to overcome. WWE had some great stories as well on overcoming all the challenges of the life. Recently we have seen Daniel Bryan overcome all the challenges in his path and become the champion in WrestleMania.

Surprise! Surprise!!

WWE is full of surprise. If you are not a fan of WWE, then you might think how can a show of fight surprise you. Yes! It can. Surprising twists in the storyline are always one of the core attraction of WWE. In WrestleMania when Seth surprisingly won the WWE Championship from Brock Lesnar, it literally surprised the whole Pro Wrestling Universe. The entire arena almost exploded. WWE Universe also loves surprising returns and recruits. In Royal Rumble, the surprise return of John Cena made the fans emotional. Again in 2015 when AJ Style’s music surprisingly heat the Royal Rumble floor and that vibe still continues.


WWE is all about characters. They create the character you always wanted to be. Each of these characters is having their own characteristics to entertain their fans. Some of these characters are posing the good while others are evil. This combination is mostly known as Baby Face and Heel. Some of these characters are having mythical superpower while some of these characters are the symbol of hope. Most of the major characters are having their own code name. However, a superstar can change their characters based on different timeline and demand from the fan base. We have seen Undertaker in the role of “The American Bad Boy” and now he is the “The Dead Man”. John Cena started his career as the “Ruthless Rap star” while he is now most famous with his quote of hope “Never Give Up”.


Undertaker (The Dead Man)


John Cena (Never Give Up)
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John Cena (Never Give Up)

Kane (The Red Monster)
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Kane (The Red Machine)

Brock the Beast
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Brock Lesnar (The Beast)

Nice time pass

Sometimes you feel boring. WWE is here for you. It’s a good way to pass the boring time. It’s not only about the show but it has a vast history. You can easily find all of those on WWE Network or YouTube. These trash talk and actions are not only going to pass your time but it is also fun to watch.


WWE is the place where superstars got the complete transformation. This show does not only change their appearance but it also changes the whole perspective of the character time to time. Sometimes it’s even hard to identify the old one. We have seen previous the transformation of The Rock. This shows does not only change his look but even change his career and make him one of the biggest superstar in Hollywood.

Husky Harris to Bray Wyatt
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Every superstar has gone through this transformation. In recent year we have seen two amazing transformations. One is Bray Wyatt and another one is Braun Strawman. These two have been completely changed from their previous characters and currently moved on the very top in fan favorite list.

Amazing physical activities

This show is all about amazing physical activities. It’s not like the Hollywood movies where the extreme shots are done by the doubles. All are real in here within the storyline and all the superstars are needed to take their own shots by themselves. You will see someone is jumping from 10-20 feet high and its real. Some amazing moves like DDT, Spine bluster, Spears, and many others can be found in the Pro Wrestling. All of these are taken place within the ring in front of your own eye, Live! The Pro-wrestlers are highly trained to deal with these moves cautiously. A friction second of the wrong move can kill their opponents.

WWE Creativity & Music

WWE offers us different types of creative items every week. You would find some iconic theme songs like Stone Cold or Undertaker or Kane. People are being highly attached to these themes that even in real life they heard the sound of glass break they remember Austin. It’s  creative teams also offer us different types of PPV shows like Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, Survivor series and each show have different characteristics to follow.


WWE is not only a show, it’s the childhood memory for many of us. In this chaotic environment, we all could find a moment of a break while we watch this show. This show offers you, your childhood imagination to be something impossible. Stay with WWE!

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