Abdul Jabbar Khan

About Abdul Jabbar Khan Abdul Jabbar Khan was the director of the first Bengali movie from East Pakistan or currently Bangladesh, “Mukh o Mukhosh”. Abdul Jabbar Khan had such a significant and crucial role in Bangladesh’s movie industry. He was the pioneer of movie direction in Bangladesh which led the industry in the current situation. He is remembered through different events in his birth and death anniversary, despite he deserves

Amjad Hossain

About Amjad Hossain: Amjad Hossain is one of the most prominent filmmaker and actor in Bangladesh. He is mostly known as the director of the “Golapi Jokhon Train E” and “Bhat De” movie. Amjad Hossain won the national film award of Bangladesh multiple times. This multi-talented filmmaker had a strong presence on a small screen as well. Apart from being a director, Amjad Hossian was a regular face in acting

humayun ahmed

About Humayun Ahmed: Modern Bengali literature reshaped by one person and he was Humayun Ahmed. He, himself was a movement to change the entire literature of Bangladesh. Humayun made literature easy for everyone. His novels were more like storytellers where people could imagine themselves. It was more like to turn the fantasy into reality. He was the master to create characters. These characters had the charisma to make people think.

basu chattejee

About Basu Chatterjee: Basu Chatterjee is an Indian film director. During the eve of 1970, he brought a new wave of the movie in the Indian film industry. He was one of a person who changed the course of an Indian movie. In his directed movies, Basu brought the life of middle-class people with a touch of comedy. He focused on the love & relationships and challenges of middle-class people

Bibi Russell

About Bibi Russell: Bibi Russell is a world-renowned fashion designer. She worked as a model in Europe and later moved into Bangladesh to start working on fashion designing. Bibi has an objective to showcase the Bengali culture to the world with a touch of color. She empowered village craftspeople. Bibi has a passion for the deep-rooted history of South India. Due to her immense talent, contribution to the fashion industry

Salman Shah || Biography, Personal Life, Career, Death

About Salman Shah: Salman Shah was a short-lived superstar of the Bangladeshi movie industry. He did enlighten the cinema world only for 4 years but his impact would live for generations. Even after more than 20 years of his death, Salman could create a better impact than many others. After decades of his passing still, he considered the image of style, acting, and icon for many newcomers. The mystery of

Andrew Kishore

About Andrew Kishore: Adrew Kishore is a Bangladeshi playback legend. This seasoned singer adapted the skill versatile songs and created an astound portfolio. Andrew Kishore recorded songs not only in Bangla and also in Hindi with some renowned musical personality of Sub-Continent. To honor he astonish career, Andrew Kishore awarded national award multiple times. This humble musical icon of Bangladesh always remembers the people who backed him to where he

Shakila Zafar

About Shakila Zafar: Since 1980, Shakila Zafar is a popular musical personality in Bangladesh. Shakila left her audience speechless with her harmonious musical voice. Not only her musical competence but her glamourous presence was an ample attraction to the audience. She brought such elegance in the Bangladeshi musical industry. For over three decades she maintained her glorious presence in the industry. Meanwhile, after getting married for the second time, she

Fazle Lohani

About Fazle Lohani: Fazle Lohani is a legendary personality in Bangladesh. He started his career as a journalist. However, later he introduced many sides of his aptitude throughout his lifetime. Despite his enlighten presence in different sectors, Fazle Lohani reached to million hearts by hosting the TV show “Jodi Kichu Mone Na Koren”. Mr. Lohani came from a prestigious family in Bangladesh. He and his family members had important contribution

Pritom Ahmed

About Pritom Ahmed: Pritom Ahmed is a Bangladeshi popular singer. Mostly he wrote his own songs. Through his singing, he tried to inspire people. He showed defendant language through this lyrics against all social, economic and political odds. Pritom had been active in different protests throughout the year.  A Life story of Pritom Ahmed: Pritom Ahmed was born on April 24, 1976, in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He involved with music since