Top 10 e-commerce Websites in Bangladesh (2018)

E-commerce is a growing business in Bangladesh. Though e-commerce started in Bangladesh since 1992, however, it boomed after 2010. Meanwhile, a number of e-commerce sites developed despite only a few sustained so far. Some of these websites are focused on only categorized while some are following the retail business model. Enhancement of internet facility and payment facility increased the e-business significantly. Despite numerous challenges these e-commerce sites have sustained so far and moved in a promising speed.

Top 10 ecommerce sites in Bangladesh


About Daraz or Daraz Bangladesh launched in 2012. This international e-commerce organization is operating in Pakistan, Srilanka, Myanmar & Nepal as well.  Thus they have the data advantage compare to other e-commerce portfolios in Bangladesh. In May 2018, Daraz has been acquired by Alibaba. It opened their scope of business and increased their brand value significantly.

Available Categories

Daraz is a retail e-Shop. Available categories in Daraz are electronic devices, electronics accessories, tv & home appliances, health & beauty, babies & toys, groceries & pets, home & lifestyle, women’s fashion, men’s fashion, watches & accessories, sports & outdoor, automotive & motorbike.

Global Reach

Upon the deal with Alibaba, Daraz has the opportunity to reach the global arena. In late 2018, Daraz opened a new section “Global Collection”. Here all the international products from concerns e-commerce business of Alibaba are available. Users can pay in Bangladeshi Taka and get the product. The delivery time would require the same to bring the product from outside (usually 20-30 days)

Mobile Recharge and coupon services

Users can visit Daraz Bangladesh web page and recharge their mobile. Also, Daraz gave the opportunity to purchase the coupon codes from their website. These codes can be used to purchase later from the site.


Daraz has own delivery system. Usually, it delivers within 4-5 days. The delivery might differ based on the product type.


Daraz is the master of the campaign in Bangladesh e-commerce industry. The difference between Daraz and other e-commerce sites in Bangladesh is massive. After the acquisition by Alibaba, they have introduced 11.11 campaign in Bangladesh. They tagged a massive off-line campaign including a gala-night. It was an immense success. Other than that Daraz is been active in valentine’s day, EID Day and other major campaigns

Why should visit Daraz: Wide range of products, global reach, discounts.


About Pickaboo: started its operation in 2016. Initially, Pickaboo was solely focused on the electronic items however since late 2017 it has changed the concentration and focused on multiple categories. Despite focusing on multiple categories, users’ still pick Pickaboo as the best choice for electronic items online.

Pickaboo is very much active in the online campaign throughout the year, however, they arranged some offline fare time to time within their office premises. It was very much successful. They also arranged some very efficacious campaigns with The City Bank, Banglalink in last few years.

Available Categories

Mobiles, computers, electronics, men, women, kids, vehicles, home & living.

Pickaboo Customer service: +8809666745745

Why should visit Pickaboo: Product Quality, Delivery time, Customer Service, Compare electronics product, electronics products.


About Chaldal

Chaldal is the biggest grocery website in Bangladesh. It allows users to purchase all their grocery products from their bed. It allows offering free delivery while purchasing over a specific amount. Their wide range of network within the Dhaka City helps them to deliver the product in time. Currently, their services are concerned within Dhaka only. The objective of Chaldal is to become the “Amazon Fresh of Dhaka”.

Users can enjoy different offers at Chaldal page. They have created a separate page where users can find all the ongoing offers at Chaldal right now.

Chaldal Discount Offer Page:

Available Categories

Fruit & Vegetables, Meat & Fish, Cooking, Beverages, Home & Cleaning, Pest Control, Office products, beauty product, health products, pet care, home appliances, baby care.

Chaldal customer service: 0188-1234567

Why should visit Chaldal: All grocery solution, product quality, delivery, customer service.

4. Bagdoom

About Bagdoom

Bagdoom is a lifestyle based e-commerce platform in Bangladesh. It started operation as Later it rebranded as Bagdoom. Akhoni started operation in Bangladesh during 2010. Their objective is to build a “Bagdoom Generation”. All the campaigns and activity of this e-commerce site is focused on the “Youth”. They also work with electronics, grocery products.

Bagoom Loung is a lifestyle-related page. Here users would find all fashion, gift, lifestyle related information, suggestion and understand the current trend.

Available Categories

Men, Women, Kids, electronics, home & living, daily needs, winters, lounge

Bagdoom customer service: +88 096 06 77 11 55

Why should visit Bagdoom: Find unique lifestyle-related products

5. Ajkerdeal

About Ajkerdeal:

Ajkerdeal is an e-commerce organization, leading by Fahim Mashroor. Mr. Fahim is one ofthe pioneer of digital business in Bangladesh. Ajkerdeal is his second successful venture after The concern of Ajkerdeal is mostly on the lifestyle related product. Also, they sell electronics, grocery related products.  Ajkerdeal started from 2012, raised BDT 10 Crore fund led by Fenox and participated by Innotech Corporation.

Available Categories:

Men’s Shopping, Women’s Shopping, Home Décor, Household, kitched & dining, Home cleaning products, jewelry, Toiletries & personal care, watches & clock, electronic products, mobile.

Ajkerdeal Customer Service: 09638000777

Why should visit Ajkerdeal: Find low end price product, Amazing Deals

6. Rokomari:

About Rokomari:

Rokomari is the online store for the bookworms.  Rokomari is the sister concern of Onnorokom Group. This online portal has established itself as country’s most popular book solution place. Apart from regular books, Rokomari also supports with e-book. It helps users to get the product in digital method. This leading e-book store has come up with some unique communications time to time. It’s not only attractive but it reminds users about how enrich Bengali culture is.

Available Category:

Writer, Subject, Publishers, Science Box, Best Seller Book.

Rokomari Customer Service: 16297 / 015 1952 1971

Why should visit Rokomari: Rokomari is the heaven for book lovers, customer service.

7. Priyoshop

About Priyoshop

Priyoshop launched in 2013. It was an initiative of Splendor IT. This eCommerce site is very much focused lifestyle products including clothing, footwear, jewellery, accessories, electronics, appliance, books, restaurants and health & beauty. Priyoshop is highly active eCommerce association related programs. Priyoshop gives special offers in women’s day and other major events like EID.

Available Categories

Winter All Offers, Men’s Clothing, Women’s Clothing, Kids Zone, Deshi Saree, Mobile Accessories Carnival, Watch and Jewelry, Mobile Phone & Accessories, Fashion Beauty, Health, Sports & Outdoor, Electronics, Home & Living.

Priyoshop Customer Service: 01717864118

Why should visit Priyoshop: Life style products



Othoba is one of the most promising e-commerce site in Bangladesh. It is a concern of Pran-RFL group. Othoba has all short of retail products & electronic products. A combine marketing with Pran-RFL products is giving this website an edge compare to other websites. Also, all Pran Group products are also available in this website.

Available Categories:

Shopping fest, Mobile, Home & Living, electronics, biking & riding, grocery and more.

Othoba Customer Service: 09613-800800  

Why should visit Othoba:  Valued Product, Wide Range of products, find all RFL products, offers.

9. Trendy Tracker:

Trendy tracker is a new eCommerce platform in Bangladesh. It is focusing on electronics items.

Available Categories:

Electronics Device, Electronics Accessories, Watches & Accessories, TV & Home Appliances, Kitchen Appliances, Health Care & Beauty, Fashion Apparel, Office & Supplies, Automobile & Motorcycles, Groceries & Pets, Babies & Toys.

Trendy tracker Customer Service: 880 9611 556 556

Why should visit: Electronics Items

10. Khaas food

About Khaas Food

Khaas Food is a promising online grocery shop. They are slow builders. At the beginning they were highly visible in different fare. Instead of regular grocery products, they tried to break the clutter with uncongenial grocery products like Honey, blackjack, Ghee etc. They have maintained an excellent standard in terms of quality. They have recently opened physical outlets as well.

Available categories

Grocery, Food for Health, Honey, Dry Fish, Fruits, Beverage.

Khass Food Customer Service: 8801708183873-4

Why Should visit Khaas Food: Find the unconventional grocery items, quality products, delivery on time.


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