Biography of Bangladeshi Actress and Model Orchita Sporshia

About Orchita Sporshia:

Orchita Sporshia is a Bangladeshi model and actress. She introduced in media world through advertisement. However, later she became popular through different drama. Meanwhile, she gained the attention of different types of people through social media. However, she took a break from the media due to a personal reason but came back eventually.

Personal Life:

Orchita was born on 8th December 1993 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. From an English medium school, she completed the O Level and A Level exam. Later she was admitted into ULAB. Her subject was “Media Studies and Journalism”.


Sporshia married to a “Rafsan Ahsan” during around 2015. Rafsan was some media personnel. Though they knew for a small amount of time, however, they got married. However, after marriage different type of problems arose.

Orchita Sporshia
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Though none of them every explained that publicly. Besides, they mentioned into media that they had mutual respect on each other and there is no third person involved for their breakup. They mentioned it would be better to take the decision early instead of trying to stretch it much longer.  Later, this couple took divorce in 2017. It led to Orchita Sporshia to take a leave from work for a while.


Due to a friend’s request, Orchita attended a screen test for Airtel TVC and selected eventually. During 2011, she worked in her first TVC of Airtel. Her performance led her to act in a bundle of Airtel’s TVC. She was selected as the brand ambassador of this telecom organization for a while. Meanwhile, she worked in Parachute, Samsung, Ollo, etc.

Orchita Sporshia
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However, she mainly grabbed light when she worked on a small screen. Orchita’s first tv drama was

Aurunodoyer Torun Dol, aired in 2011.  Since then she worked in numerous TV drama, serials in leading roles. Furthermore, she worked in a TV drama serial “Ujan Ganger Naiya” produced by BBC. It helped her to establish in the industry.

Orchita Sporshia
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Besides, Orchita has her own business. It is a production house, “Kochchop films”. She had some experience behind the screen before and been using that here as well. In some interviews, she mentioned her intention to focus on “movie”.

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