Biography of Indian Actress Rittika Sen

About Rittika Sen:

Rittika Sen is Kolkata based Indian movies actress.  She started acting from an early age. However, she worked in a very limited number of movies since then. Apart from her work in Kolkata, she worked in a Bangladesh-India joint production movie as well.

Rittika Sen
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Personal Life:

Rittika Sen was born on 14th April 1991 in Kolkata, India. She has a younger brother.  Since her childhood, Rittikah was highly influenced by her mother. She mentioned, her mother influenced her to work in the media.  Rittika stated that her mother guided her to work. However, her mother never forced Rittika to take any decision, rather taught her to rely on her own decision.  Apart from acting, Ritiika loves to dance, read books and travel. Regarding her love life, she believes it would be hard to find one. She mentioned that she is very much demanding and it would be hard to impress her.

Rittika Sen
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During her career, Rittika was rumored to have a relationship with a top actor. However, she denied this rumor.


At the age of 5, Rittika started her acting career. She acted in a TV show “Prothoma”. Then she took a big break due to study. After the break, she reappeared in the movie “100% Love” in a supporting role in 2012. In the same year, Rittika worked in the movie “Challenge 2” in a supporting role as well.

Rittika Sen
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Finally, in 2014, Rittika managed a leading role in the movie “Borbaad”.  It was directed by Raj Chakrabarti. Bonny Sengupta was the co-actor of Rittika in this movie. However, this movie did not manage to shake the box offer but Rittika let the industry knew her presence.  During 2015, Rittika worked in the movie “Arshinagar” along with Dev.

This movie helped her to create a space in the industry and find the limelight. She received praise both from audience and critics.  Since then she worked in selected movies along with an India-Bangladesh joint production movie “Gaddar”.

During 2015, Rittika Sen was featured in the Calcutta Times as “The Most Desirable Woman, 2015.”

List of works:

2012: 100% Love, Challenge 2
2014: Masoom, Borbaad
2015: Ashche Bochor Abar Hobe, Arshinagar
2016: Tui Je Amar
2017: Jio Pagla
2018: Raja Rani Raji, Villain, Bagh Bandhi Khela
2019: Shahjahan Regency,

Upcoming:  Miss Call, Gaddar

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