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About Subir Nandi:

Subir Nandi was a Bangladeshi legendary music maestro. Throughout his career, Subir played almost all form of songs. His versatility made him a unique personality in the Bangladesh music industry. He could capture the nuances of all branches of songs as a master. He kept his footsteps in small, big screen and as well as in Radio. For his extraordinary contribution, he was honored by national award multiple times. Furthermore, Subir Nandi was a representative of a whole generation’s musical resource.

Subir Nandi
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Personal Life:

Subir Nandi was born on 19th November 1953 in Habiganj, Sylhet at Teliapara tea garden. He was born in a music-loving family. His parents were Sudangshu Nandi and Putul Rani. Sudangshu Nandi was medical personnel.  His father was very much music lover. Putul Rani, Subir’s mother was also a singer. However, she never played in traditional media. Subir received an initial musical lesson from his mother. Subir Nandi had eight siblings. Most of them were involved with music in different ways. Subir’s interest in music grew from there. Along with his siblings, Subir got a musical lesson from Ustad Babar Ali Khan. He was his first music teacher. Meanwhile, he received folk music lesson from Bidit Lal Das. Also, Sudhanshu, Subir’s father had a huge collection of music record. These songs influenced Subir to pursue a music career.

Due to his father’s job, Subir passed his childhood in the tea garden. In early age, he started to study in local Missionaries School. Later he studied in Habiganj Government High School and Habiganj Brindaban College.  Subir was married to Purabi Nandi since 1981. This couple had a daughter, Falguni Nandi. Subir was suffering from lungs, kidney and heart diseases for a long time. In April 2019 his condition became critical and he was taken to Singapore for better treatment under the direction of higher authority. This legends of Bangladeshi song industry died in 7th May 2019 at the age of 65.

Subir Nandi
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Subir was involved with singing from an early age. During 1967, Subir performed in Sylhet Radio station. However, professionally he entered into the music industry from 1970. His first recording in Dhaka Radio. His first song was “Jodi Kau Dhup Jele Dei”. Mohammad Mujakker and Ustaad Mir Kashem were respectively writer and composer of that song.  Following that, in 1974 he performed in his first play back in the movie “Shurjo Grahan”. Meanwhile, in 1972, he performed live for the first time in Dhaka Radio. Throughout the 50 years singing career, Subir influenced by Pankaj Malik, Sygal Shandha Mukhopadhay, Manna Dey, Jagjit Singh.

Back in 70’s Subir Nandi consistently worked as a playback singer in the movie. His song “Master Shab Ami Nam Dostokhot Shikte Chai” became very popular. However, in the late part of his career, he became irregular as a movie playback singer. In his lifetime in all forms, he performed around 2500 songs.

Apart from singing, Subir Nandi worked as a banker in Janata Bank for 45 years. It mentioned in an interview that there was a scope of self-satisfaction in singing. It was missing in the job life, so he was always fond of singing rather than his bank job.

Major Award:

Ekushey Award, 2019 and many more…

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