About Eden Hazard:

Eden  Hazard is a Belgium football wizard. He came from a complete crazy football family. Started from an early age, he proved his worth in every chance he received. The world saw his best when he was in Chelsea. He helped Chelsea to win multiple trophies. Meanwhile, his performance with the national team was also eye-catching. Football critics have compared him with Messi and Ronaldo. In this regard, Real Madrid has picked him from Chelsea in 2019 Summer transfer season to replace Christiano Ronaldo.

Personal Life:

Eden Michael Hazard (Shortly known as Eden Hazard) was born on 7th  January 1991 in La Louviere, Belgium. His parents are Thierry Hazard and Carine Hazard. Thierry and Carine, both are a sports teacher. However, an interesting fact is, both Thierry and Carine were proper football players. His father, Thierry was playing in a defensive midfielder role in the second division of Belgian football for La Louvière. It was a semi-professional level. On the other hand, Carine played in the first division of Belgian Women’s First Division in Striker role. Carine eventually left football when Eden conceived. Meanwhile, Thierry also left football to give more time to family. Later, both Carine and Thierry joined in the teaching profession.

Eden Hazard
Source: Newsweek

Hazard Brothers:

Thierry Hazard and Carine Hazard, this couple have four sons. All of them pursued their career in football. Thierry and Carine made sure that their Children found the proper opportunity to play. A field was so near to their house to play football. Hazard brothers are Eden Hazard, Thorgan Hazard, Kylian Hazard, and Ethan Hazard. Among them, Eden established him in both Belgium and Chelsea. Now he moved into Real Madrid. Thorgan once joined into Chelsea, later moved into Borussia Mönchengladbach. 3rd Hazard brother, Kylian also joined in Chelsea and then moved into Cercle Brugge. Youngest Hazard brother remains in AFC Tubize.

Marriage Life:

Hazard is married to Natacha Van Honacker. They were a childhood friend. Hazard met with her at the age of 14. At that time, Hazard was playing football at junior level and about move into the higher level. This couple had their first child in 2010, second in 2013 and third in 2015. Their sons are Yannis, Leo, and Samy. Natacha and Hazard got married in 2012.

Despite Hazard’s immense popularity, Natacha kept her away from media light. She liked to do her own work by herself. In different turning points of Hazard’s career, Natacha played a vital role to take the decision. Hazard’s also provides importance to pass quality time with his family.


Early Career:

 At the age of 4, Hazard started his football career at Royal Stade Brainois. It was his hometown club and adjacent to his house. During his time Brainois, Hazard was mentioned as “Gifted” by local coaches. 8 years later he moved into  Tubize. At Tubize, Lille Club officials spotted him as a unique talent and offered him a contract. Hazard’s parents understood the opportunity and facility of training he was about to get. Without a hesitation,  Thierry Hazard and Carine Hazard accepted the offer to let their son join in Lille for a better scope of the future. It was a very critical decision taken by Hazad’s parents which afterward changed the life of this Hazard family.

Eden Hazard
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Life at Lille:

20052007/08: Amature and Professional Debut

 Hazard joined into Lille in 2005. At that time, Lille’s youth academy was not functional. So he practiced in a local school along with other Lille’s other youth players. In 2007, he received his first professional contract. Back then he played in Lille’s reserve team, Under 18 and Coupe Gambardella (a French club based Under-19 tournament). Following that, Hazard made his amateur debut on September 1, 2007, against Racing Club de as a substitute. In later week’s he made first start against  Lesquin. In both cases his team faced defeat. On November 16, 2007, due to most players on international duty so he called up in senior team for a friendly match. His performance shined in the team and as a result, he subsequently found the scope of a professional debut against Nancy on November 24, 2007, as a substitute.

2008-2011/2012: Moved to senior level

In the season 2008-09, the new coach of Lille, Rudi Garcia gave Hazard a space in the team. Initially, Hazard featured as a substitution player and found few scopes to be in starting line up. However, Haraz continued to show his individual charisma in the field. In the last ten matches of Lille of that season, he started in 8. He helped Lille to secure a spot in the league. Meanwhile, Hazard named in the (UNFP) Young Player of the Year. The positive performance of Hazard led his transfer speculation in the market in next season. Several English clubs showed interest to him. Meanwhile, Zidan who is a role model of Hazard mentioned he should play in Real Madrid. However, Hazard kept himself cool and remain at Lille.

Following the last season, in 2009-10, Hazard continued to show keep his positive note up. He performed eccentrically throughout the season. As a result, he nominated for  Ligue 1 Player of the Year award, but lose it to Lyon striker Lisandro López. However, he won UNFP Young Player of the Year trophy for the 2nd successive season.

In the season 2010-11, Hazard started slow. It received complains from his club and the national team. Some raised the issue that  Hazard was lazy in the training session. As a result, Hazard was been benched in a couple of matches. Though his coach mentioned, he was benched to give him the scope of breath. However, slowly Hazard regained his capability. In the season, Lille won both league and a domestic cup. It was first to honor for Hazard. In the season, Hazard won the UNFP Ligue 1, player of the year award. He was the youngest to win it.

Hazard continued to show his blizzard performance in following season 2011-12. He got the NUMBER 10 jersey. During this season, Hazard played in Champions League for the first time. On April 15, he made 100 consecutive appearances in Ligue 1. This is the record of the league. Also, he made his first professional hat trick in this season as well. Meanwhile, he was nominated as UNFP Player of the Year award 3rd time in a row and won it eventually. It was the last season of Hazard in Lille.

Chelsea: On the way to greatness

On July 4, 2012, Chelsea announced a £32 million transfer for Eden Hazard from Lille. He wore the Jersy no. 17. In the pre-season matched against Seattle Sounders, Hazard debuted for Chelsea and opened his goalscoring account. Following that he debuted officially against Manchester City in the FA Community Shield Championship. Furthermore, he eventually became an integrated part of the team and debuted league, championship matches for Chelsea. Meanwhile, he involved in controversy while kicking a ball boy due to wasting time. Later, he apologized for his action though he received a suspension for his action. Later he picked an injury which led him to out from the  UEFA Europa League Final, 2013. He ended up with 13 goals in his debuted season at Chelsea and with the first trophy with Chelsea (UEFA Europa League).

Season 2013-15:

During the season of 2013-15, Hazard showed his individual skills to the worlds. He became the key player of the team. However, there were some conflicts raised between him and coach Jose Mourinho. They blamed each other for the strategy of the team and not implementing the strategy properly. However, Jose did not forget to praise his best player as well, but in the meantime, he also mentioned the scope of improvement for Hazard to be a legend in the football. Meanwhile, after the Juan Mata left, Hazard became the new number 10 for Chelsea. Also, he recognized by different awards at this time. Further, he won Premier league with Chelsea in the time being.

2015-16: Challenging Period

The beginning of the 2015-16 season was quite challenging for Hazard. He missed a penalty in a champions league match. Following that he also missed a penalty shoot-out in a domestic league cup elimination match. Furthermore, he passed 2,358-minute scoreless time as well. All of these things were creating pressure on Hazard and criticizing were coming from all around. Things became much critical when he mentioned that there was the scope of move into PSG. Fans became furious. However, he was able to bring the form back in the later part of the season.

2016-19: End of Hazard Era

Hazard threw the bad dream of the previous season and started to fly high in next season. Despite injury, he showed masterclass performance through the season. He won Premier league, FA Cup, Europa Cup for Chelsea in this period. He also made a name in the “PFA Team of the Year” fourth time in his first five years in Chelsea. However, there was speculation around him to transfer from Chelsea went throughout the period. After all, it proved true and Hazard announced his departure from Chelsea to a Spanish team.

Moved into Real Madrid:

On 7th June 2019, Real Madrid announced the transfer of Hazard to Real Madrid from Chelsea. Including all the total fee is around £130 million.

International Career:

Hazard was a part of Belgium  U-17 and the U-19 teams. However, he debuted in against Kazakhstan on October 7, 2011. In 2014 world cup he took his team to the Quarterfinal. Furthermore, in 2018 world cup in Russia, Hazard was named as the captain of the team and lead the team into Semifinal and eliminated by France. Later in Play-off, they ensured the third position in the tournament. The 2018 World Cup team of Belgium was mentioned as the golden generation fo Belgium.


Eden Hazard has the sponsorship of Nike. He worked in multiple TV advertisements of Nike along with other fellow footballers. He also a part-owners of San Diego 1904 FC from North American Soccer League franchise. Hazard was featured in the Fifa’15 cover photo in multiple countries along with Messi.

Statistics (as of 4th July 2019):

Premier League:
Match Played: 245
Goal: 85
Assists: 61

Ligue 1:
Match Played: 147
Goal: 36
Assists: 41

Champions League
Match Played: 44
Goal: 8
Assists: 13

Europa League
Match Played: 31
Goal: 5
Assists: 8

Match Played: 80
Goal: 26
Assists: 22

Match Played: 547
Goal: 160
Assists: 145


UEFA Europa Cup: 2012-13, 2018-19
Premier League: 2015-16, 2016-17
Ligue 1: 2010-11
Coupe De France: 2010-11
FA Cup: 2017-18

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