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About Abir Chatterjee:

Abir Chatterjee is a Kolkata based Indian actor. Started from a small screen, he eventually established himself as one of a top media personality in the Tollywood. He received a national award as a recognition for his extraordinary performance. However, he is most popular in the town due to his role-playing in two iconic detective characters.

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Personal Life:

Abir Chatterjee was born on November 18, 1980, in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. His parents are Phalguni Chatterjee and Rumki Chatterjee. Both of them were a theatre artist. So, acting was inherent in Abir from his family. Phalguni Chatterjee, father of Abir was the founder of “Lokkrishti” theatre group as well. Apart from acting, Abir has a strong educational background. He studied in Goenka College of Commerce and Business Administration and ICFAI Business School. He had BBA and MBA in finance. Abir is a big fan of Amitabh Bachchan and Rimi Sen. Shirshendu Mukkhopadhyay is his favorite writer.

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During the time of MBA, Abir met Nandini Chatterjee and later they married. Nandini is an entrepreneur. This couple has a daughter. Her name is Mayurakshi Chatterjee. Abir is a complete family person. In each opportunity, he mentions the contribution of his wife in his family life and career. He has received a better opportunity to which required to move from Kolkata. However, he mentions both he and Nandini are very much old fashioned. His priority is not to high fly. Instead, Abir wants to settle down in Kolkata with the goal of achieving a balanced life.


Abir came in front of the camera in a Television drama.  The drama was “Proloy Ashche”. Raj Chakraborty was the director of this TV serial. Since then he has worked in many other tv shows. Some notable are Shudhu Tomari Jonno, Khuje Berai Kacher Manush, Jonmobhumi, etc. Meanwhile, Abir found the limelight from the movie industry. Abir’s first work was in the movie “Cross Connection” in 2009. Sudeshna Roy & Abhijit Guha were the directors of the movie.

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However, Abir gained attention through his works in detective movies. He worked both in  Byomkesh Bakshi and Feluda characters. It is a quite rare opportunity to work in both of these characters. Furthermore, Both of these are the most popular detective characters in Sub-Continent region. He started with Byomkesh movie in 2010, later he played in Feluda movie. Afterward, he returned to Byomkesh movie series again. Many prominent movie critics mentioned that Abir was the perfect choice for this role.

After 2017, Abir started to work in diversified characters. Sometimes he portrayed in detective character, some he revealed in businessman character. However, he managed a standard in most of his movies.  Abir showed confidence and elegance in his acting. It helped him to be popular among mass people in a small period of time.

Notable Works:

Movie: Cross Connection (2009), Byomkesh Bakshi Series (2010 – 2018), Kahaani (2012), Bedroom (2012), Bojhe Na Se Bojhe Na (2012), The Royal Bengal Tiger (2014), Jatishor (2014), Rajkahini (2015), Meghnadh Bodh Rohoshsho (2017).

Drama: Proloy Ashche, Shomoy, Credit Card, Hotath Megh.

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