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About Shabnur:

Shabnur is a Bangladeshi movie actress. From her first movie “Chadni Ratey”, she claimed a top position in the Bangladeshi movie industry slowly. Salman Shah and Shabur were one of the most popular pair in Bangladesh Cinema history. However, her films with other top actors were highly appreciated by spectaculars. After dominating for decades, she left the country to stay oversee.

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The life story of Shabnur:

Kazi Sharmin Nahar Nupur is the real name of Shabnur. Nupur is her other nickname, however, she is commonly known as Shabnur. She was born on December 17, 1979, in Jessore, Khulna. Kazi Nasir and Amena Begum Mily were her parents. However, later in 1996, Amena Begum was married to Shahjahan Chowdhury. Meanwhile, Kazi Nasir died in a tragic accident. She has a sister, named “Jhumur”.

Shabnur was married to Anik Mahmud in 2011. Anik Mahmud and Shabnur met in a movie shooting. Anik studied in Computer Science. His parents were from Gazipur (father) and Jessore (mother). This marriage news remained secret for a while. However, it flashed after she got pregnant. This couple had a son, Ayzan in 2013.

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During 2016, a rumor spread about the divorce of Shabnur. It claimed that Shabnur had relationship with some foregin person. However, she is still is in Australia living happily with her husband, son and other family members. Most of her family members are living in Australia now.


Ehtesham, a renowned Bangladeshi movie director discovered Shabnur. He predicted that, she could be like “Shabana”, a legend of Bangladeshi movie industry. She had a very close relation with Ehtesham. She used to call him “Ehtesham Dadu” (Grandfather Ehtesham). Ehtesham gave an opportunity to Shabnur in the movie “Chadni Raatey” during 1993. Shabbir was her co-actor. She reminded, her first dialoge of the movie was “Ei Chor, Beta Chor” (Theif, This guy is Thief).  However, her first movie failed to create any buzz in the market.

After that Shabnur found another opportunity in “Tumi Amar” (1994) movie, opposite of Salman Shah. It was directed by Jahirul Haque and Tamiz Uddin Rizvi and released in EID of 1994. That movie was a massive hit and since then Salman and Shabnur became a popular choice of people. Afterward, she continued to proceed one after another successful movie for a while.

Salman and Shabur Pair:

After ’90s, Salman and Shabnur were the most popular pair in the Bangladeshi movie industry. During 1994, their first movie released (Tumi Amar). It was commercially hit. Since then this pair worked in total 14 movies and all of them were successful. It stopped when Salman died.  Regarding this pair, some rumors did spread in the market. However, Shabnur strongly denied that. She mentioned, they had a relationship of “Brother & Sister”.

Shabnur after the death of Salman:

During 1996, Salman died. It created huge pressure on her. There were many rumors spreading regarding her and Salman’s relation, her connection with Salman’s death and many more. However, Shabur handled it professionally. She managed to focus on work only. Meanwhile, she worked with other top movie actors of the industry including Manna, Reaz, Ferdous, Omar Sunny and many more. Meanwhile, Reaz – Shabnur pair were able to create a buzz in the market.

This popular actress was active in the movie industry until 2013. Then she left for Australia. Since then she became irregular in her work. Meanwhile, she declared that she might come into the direction. However, it did not happen yet.

Major Works of Shabnur:

Tumi Amar (1994), Swapner Thikana (1995), Bichar Hobe (1996), Biyer Ful (1998), Narir Mon (1999), Shawshur bari zindabad (2001), Bhalobasha Kare Koy (2002), Shundori Bodhu (2002), Molla Barir Bou (2005), Dui Noyoner Alo (2006), Nirontor (2006).

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