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About Fazle Lohani:

Fazle Lohani is a legendary personality in Bangladesh. He started his career as a journalist. However, later he introduced many sides of his aptitude throughout his lifetime. Despite his enlighten presence in different sectors, Fazle Lohani reached to million hearts by hosting the TV show “Jodi Kichu Mone Na Koren”. Mr. Lohani came from a prestigious family in Bangladesh. He and his family members had important contribution to Bangladesh’s history.

Fazle Lohani
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Life story of Fazle Lohani:

During the era of British Presidency, Fazle Lohani was born on 12th March 1929 in Sirajganj District, British India. He was born in a notable family. His father “Abu Lohani was a renowned literary and journalist. On the other hand, his mother, “ Fatema Lohani” was a teacher of Kolkata Corporation School. Since his childhood, he was in touch with prominent persons of the country. It helped him to develop a creative mindset eventually. Fazle had a brother and sister, “Fateh Lohani and Husna Banu Khanam”. He was the youngest among all others.

Fazle Lohani passed Matric from BL School from Sirajganj and BSC from Kalkalta Presidency College. Later in 1948, he got admission into Dhaka Univerisity for higher education. In his work life, Fazle worked passed a good amount of time in London. There he met with Elizabeth Hodzins. Eventually, they got married. She supported Fazle throughout life. Even she attended some workers rally with Fazle with a red band tied around her forehand.

Fazle Lohani
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This legendary personality of Bangladesh died at the age of 58 on 30th October 1985. He was suffering from Heart disease.


Despite his massive popularity as a TV show host, Fazle Lohani was more than that. He was a journalist, politician, writer and very silent social worker. His father was a famous journalist. Following the family’s footsteps, he started his career as a journalist. His proficiency in both Bengali and English and also the analytical mind with a view a literary helped him to establish as a journalist. First, he joined into Pakistan Observer in 1949. Following that he worked in Dainik Sangbad and Pakistan post. Later, he along with Mustofa Nurul Islam, Tasikul Alam Khan and his elder brother Fateh Lohani, introduced a magazine “Agatya” during 1953. It exposed the social and political delinquents in a humorous way. The magazine enlightened the progressive voice of general people.

However, it did serve only around 2 years. Due to its massive popularity, the Government of Pakistan did shut it down as they found it as a potential threat. After “Agatya” closed down, Fazle moved into England to work in BBC World Service. Later he came back to Bangladesh in the late ’60s and concentrate in literature and journalism.

Fazle had a strong political presence. During language movement in 1952, he was one of the leading participants. In 1971, he left the country for India then moved into England to arrange pro-liberation activities. After the liberation war, he came back to Bangladesh and joined Bhashani NAP. In 1974, he arrested again for a political cause.

Cultural Side of Lohani:

This legend of Bangladesh had a good hand in writing as well. During language movement, he wrote the poem “Ekusher Kobita”, later it became a popular song by the hand of musician Khan Ataur Rahman. He translated some English novels as well in the 60’s. Apart from that, he wrote short stories, books and science fictions at different times. However, his popularity touched the sky through the magazine program “Jodi Kichu Mone Na Koren”. With his unique personality and ways of presentation this program enlisted as favorite by all. It ran for 6 years as the most popular show in its time until his death.

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