Hanif Sanket|| Biography of a Bangladeshi Legendary TV Host

About Hanif Sagket:

Hanif Sagket is the greatest TV host in the history of Bangladesh. He is the icon of Bangladesh’s TV magazine program. His passion for his work is incomparable. The ambit of Hanif’s work is so vast. Apart from hosting tv programs, he is popular as a producer, actor, writer and director. He is also known for his environmentalist activities. Meanwhile, in all of his works Hanif Sanket tries to give a message to society. Hanif played a vital role in Bangladesh to shape the entertainment industry, especially on the small screen. This man is an example to millions. He just can be mentioned as a “Legend” of Bangladesh.

Hanif Sangket
Source: The Daily Star Online

The life story of Hanif Sanket:

Hanif Sanket was born on October 23, 1958, in Barisal. His full name is A.K.M Hanif. He married to Sanjida Hanif. The legend always wants to keep his personal life as very private. He maintained it strongly so far. Hanif is very much into social activities apart from his media-related work. He mentioned, social activities are his breathing space. He wants to continue this work as quietly as possible.

Hanif Sangket
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The career of Hanif Sanket:

In the 1980s, Fazle Lohani introduced Hanif through the show “Jodi Kichu Mone Na Koren”. Fazle Lohani was the first one in Bangladesh to create such standard TV magazine programs. There Mr. Lohani sowed the seed of another legend, Hanif Sanket. Afterward, Hanif started his own show “Ittadi”.

The era of Ittadi:

The first episode of Ittadi aired in 1989. It is the longest-running TV show in the history of Bangladesh. After more than 30 years of presence, it is still the most popular TV show in Bangladesh. After introduced by another legend Fazle Lohani, Hanif created his show with his own charisma. This show is all about the visualization of his talent. Through this show, he showed different discrepancies in society with a touch of comedy. The “Nana-Nati” segment of Ittadi was one of the most iconic segment of all time.

Hanif tried to show the Bangladeshi culture to the world through this show. On many occasions, he made foreign people do Bangladesh cultural things. It was a channel to introduce foreigners to see our culture and way to create differentiation in the presentation. In this show, Hanif showed different iconic places in the world. The dubbing section of a foreign show in a comedic way was highly popular among all. However, he actually did all the dubbing by himself. Apart from that, it is a platform where not only top media personnel performs but he gave numerous newcomers a couple of chances to introduce themselves.

Directing Drama, Writing:

Apart from working in Ittadi, Hanif Sanket directs TV drama for special occasions such as EID.  He is one of the most popular directors in Bangladesh. Some of his notable works are, “Kushum Kushum Bhalobasha”, “Shunnoshatan Puron”, “Shodh Bodh”,  “Putroday” and many more. Previously, his dramas were telecasted only in BTV and later produced for other TV channels as well.

Hanif Sanket is a well-known writer as well. He has written more than 15 books so far. Many of those are comedic. Some of the popular books of Hanif are “Sradheyo Rajdhani”, “Niyomito Oniyomito”, “Obak Kando”, “Rongo Birongo” and many more.


Due to Hanif over popularity from Ittadi, it overshadowed his Acting past. He played a villain role in the movie “Agomon” during 1988. He played another movie “Dhaka – 86”. Hanif gave voice to the song “Morzina” in the movie “Prothom Prem”.

On top of the hosting TV shows, playwriting, directing TV dramas and acting, Hanif was also produced and directed many well-known events throughout the time.

Hanif Sanket is a legend and guidance to excellence in Bangladesh media. He is no more media personnel anymore rather he became an industry himself. Throughout time, many tried to copy his way of work and failed eventually. He proves his brilliance.

Major Awards:

Ekushay Padak (2010) for social activities
Poribesh Padak (2014)
Meril Prothom Alo Awards

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