Pritam Hasan|| Biography of a Bangladeshi Singer

About Pritam Hasan:

Pritam Hasan is a Bangladeshi singer. He is the younger son of renowned Bangladeshi singer Khalid Hasan Milu. Following his father’s footsteps, he has made quite a name a short period of time. Like Protik, Pritam is focusing on the new generation’s to perform a song.

The life story of Pritam Hasan:

Pritam Hasan was born in Dhaka. His date of birth is on 27th January.  Khaled Hasan Milu and Fatema Hasan Polash are his parents. He is the younger son of his parents. His brother is Protik Hasan. He and his brother, both followed the path of their father to be a musician.

Pritam studied in Capital Hill International School, Mogbazar. For graduation, he was admitted to South East University. His subject was English. After his father’s death, he lived along with his mother and elder brother.

How to involve in music:

 In an interview, Pritam mentioned that he never had the intention to be a musician. He was rather interested to be Army personnel. Pritam also mentioned when his brother worked on music with their father he used to focus on games. Things changed after he passed the higher secondary exam. He started to work on composition and it literally changed everything in his career.

Pritam also mentioned, how he came into the music world. Once famous Bangladeshi musician Habib Wahid asked Protik to work in music. After listening to the need of Habib, he recommended his younger brother for this work. Since then Pritam used to visit Habib’s studio on a regular basis and eventually got involved in music.

Pritam loves football. He is very fond of traveling. Pritam Hasan wants to see new things and eager to learn new things.

Pritam Hasan
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After being involved in the Habib’s studio, he helped Habib to create music bit. He also worked with Habib in the “Cholo Bangladesh” song (dedicated to Bangladesh Cricket team), song “Hariye Fela Bhalobasha”. Slowly Pritam started to work on his own songs. He found light for the first time with the “Asho Mama He” song. He played this song along with another well-known folk musician Kuddus Boyati.  Till now, he has given voice in Local Bus, Jadukot, Rajkumar, Beyain Shab Songs.

Apart from that, he has worked for movie playback songs as well. He worked in “Osttito”, “Rajniti”, “Debi” movie. Pritam involved in acting as well. He mentioned, his all interest is with singing. However, to keep some request he acted in “Emotional Fool” and “700 Taka” drama.

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