Pritom Ahmed || Biography of a Bangladeshi Singer

About Pritom Ahmed:

Pritom Ahmed is a Bangladeshi popular singer. Mostly he wrote his own songs. Through his singing, he tried to inspire people. He showed defendant language through this lyrics against all social, economic and political odds. Pritom had been active in different protests throughout the year.

Pritom Ahmed
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 A Life story of Pritom Ahmed:

Pritom Ahmed was born on April 24, 1976, in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He involved with music since 1990. He studied in music. During 1996, he completed B Muse from Government Music College. Then he took classical music training from Leo J. Baroi. Leo J. Baroi was a teacher of BAFA. Pritom mentioned that he took inspiration from Kabir Sumon, Bob Dylan, BB King and many more. Meanwhile, he studied Spanish Flamingo Guitar from New York Guiter Academy.

He married to news presenter “Sangita”. They got divorced in 2009. This couple had two children “Megh” and “Roddur”. Recent report mentioned, Pritom is married to model and actress “Sriti”.

Pritom Ahmed
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Pritom Ahmed started his musical career since 1999. His first released mix album “Anamika Tumi”. He played in this album along with other legendary singers Shakila Jafor, Polash, Khalid Hasna Milu, and Kumar Biswajit. Since then he worked as a singer, lyric writer, music composer. Meanwhile, he always had high voice for the social issues. Pritom was active perticipants in “Gonojagoron Mancha”. Till now, Pritom Ahmed released around 30 albums, including 12 solo albums. He was found as an actor as well. He worked in some movies and TV drama. However, he would never be regular in acting so far.

Apart from his singing and acting career, Pritom worked in “Channel I” for a long time as a program director. Later he established his own studio production house “Gaanwala”. He worked in an online newspaper as well.  Pratik is known as a writer as well. In 2015, he released a book poem “Jonmodag”.

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