Protik Hasan|| Biography of a Bangladeshi Singer

About Protik Hasan:

Protik Hasan is a musician from Bangladesh.  He is mostly known as the elder Son of renowned Bangladeshi musician Khalid Hasan Milu. However, Protik was able to create his own identity in the industry. His father was versatile musician while Protik rather focuses on the current trend music. He is been very close to younger brother Pritom Hasan. Pritom is an active musician as well.

The life story of Protik Hasan:

Sources mentioned, Protik was born in 1990. His parents are Khalid Hasan Milu and  Fatema Hasan. His younger brother is Pritom Hasan. He has taken music as his full-time occupation. Meanwhile, he worked in a music organization as editor.  Protik Hasan completed graduation in 2016.

Protik Hasan


Protik Hasan started his musical career in 2005. He played the song “Jiboner ei anondomoy din” in 2005 at Ittadi. That song was written by Liton Adhikari Rintu and composed by Ali Akbar Rupu. A few months later, Protik’s father Milu died. Then Hanif Sangket, helped Protik to release a new album “Bhalobasha Chai”. It contained some popular songs of Khalid Hasan. It helped Protik to find a ground. Since then Protik has released more than 6 solo albums. Following the footsteps of his father, Protik worked as a playback singer in the movie as well.  So he has given in more than 50 songs.

Apart from music, Protik has given voice in different advertisements. Also, he worked in the film “Mon Chuyeche Mon” as an actor. He was also a playback singer in that movie as well.

In an interview, Protik mentioned about struggling as few people might think he is using his father’s name. However, he started his own hard work to established himself in his own identity.

Notable work:

Solo Album:

Bhalobasha chai (2005), Moner Manush (2006), Tumi nei kichu nei (2007), Bhalobashi Beshe Jabo (2008), Projapoti Chokh (2009), Prem Madol (2010).

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