Shakila Zafar || Biography of a Bangladeshi Melodious Elegance

About Shakila Zafar:

Since 1980, Shakila Zafar is a popular musical personality in Bangladesh. Shakila left her audience speechless with her harmonious musical voice. Not only her musical competence but her glamourous presence was an ample attraction to the audience. She brought such elegance in the Bangladeshi musical industry. For over three decades she maintained her glorious presence in the industry. Meanwhile, after getting married for the second time, she is being less active with Bangladeshi music. Despite her quiescent presence in recent days still, she is one of the top musical icons in Bangladesh.

Shakila Zafar
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The life story of Shakila Zafar:

 Shakila Zafar was born on 28th February 1962 in Karachi, Pakistan.  Smriti was her nickname. Her father was a higher official from Pakistan Industry development Bank. She passed her childhood in Pakistan. Later in 1970, she moved into East Pakistan (currently Bangladesh) and got admission into Wills Little Flower School. Back then she was the only female student in her class. She was a good student throughout her life but was afraid of math.  Shakila completed graduation from Dhaka University in philosophy. As a kid, she wanted to be a “Nurse” to serve patients, however, instead, she served the whole country as a singer.

Married Life:

Shakila married to Munna Zafar and took the surname of “Zafar”. This couple had a son. However, they broke up and since then Shakila passed a lonely time. Meanwhile, she met Ravi Sharma in 2013. Shakila initially knew that Ravi was from a corporate background. However, later she came to know that Ravi was also a “Poet”. Afterward, Ravi proposed Shakila and married eventually. Shakila later informed that she took the surname “Sharma”. Shakila interested to keep her personal life as private, so she did not even maintain own social media account.


Shakila’s first introduction to music was a coincidence. While she was in class 3, she attended in the trial of a musical event as a spectator. However, the participants failed to perform properly. Meanwhile, Shakila started to sing it from the audience seat and this is how she gave her first step in the musical world.

Shakila found the musical ground to stand on when she won a classical music competition by Bangladesh Betar in 1979.  Though she got the major breakthrough the magazine program “Jodi Kichu Mone Na Koren” in 1983.  There she performed “Taare Bolbo Amar Moner Kotha”. Additionally, she also performed an astrological song “Tular Rashir Meye” which became an instant hit to the music lovers. Since then she never needs to look back.

In her career, Shakila Zafar performed with various top-notch singers of the country including Subir Nandi, Saadi Mohammad, Tapan Chowdhury, Shuvro Dev and many more. Apart from Pop-Music, Shakila was good at “Nazrul Giti” as well.

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