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About Salman Shah:

Salman Shah was a short-lived superstar of the Bangladeshi movie industry. He did enlighten the cinema world only for 4 years but his impact would live for generations. Even after more than 20 years of his death, Salman could create a better impact than many others. After decades of his passing still, he considered the image of style, acting, and icon for many newcomers. The mystery of his death is still under smoke. Despite his parents’ claim of murder, it was circulated as suicide.


 The life story of Salman Shah:

 Shahriar Chowdhury Emon is the real name of Salman Shah. He was born on September 19, 1971, in Zakiganj, Sylhet District, Bangladesh.  His parents were Kamaruddin Chowdhury and Nila Chowdhury. Mr. Kamaruddin Chowdhury was a government employee. Salman was the eldest child in the family and his younger one was Chowdhury Mohammad Sharan. Salman completed SSC from Arab Mission School, HSC from Adamji Cantonment College. Later he completed graduation from Maleka Science College.


On 12th August 1992, Salman married Samira. Samira was the daughter of his Aunt’s friend. Samira’s father was captain of Bangladesh Cricket Team, Mr. Shafiqul Haque Hira. However, her mother was from Thailand. Salman’s wife had a beauty parlor business. However, she was also a fashion designer. Salman mentioned about the influence of Samira in his fashion choice.

Death and Unsolved mystery:

It was 6th of September 1996. Around 5 pm the news did spread out that Salman Shah had suicided. However, the whole issue got an unexpected turn when Salman’s parents claimed it was a murder. They doubted the actions of Samira and few others for this incident. Meanwhile, the autopsy report stated it was a suicide. Nevertheless, Salman’s parents continued the case. Currently Salman’s mother Nila Chowdhury is running it after the death of Kamaruddin. After the death of Salman, Samira had second marriage.

Ruby Controversary:

In 2017, a woman named “Ruby” claimed in a Facebook video that her husband involved in murder Salman. It created a massive buzz. However, later she came back to live again and started to talk non-sense to avoid the liability. The investigation is still running for this case.


Salman Shah started his career from BTV. During 1985, he acted as a drug addict in a music video aired in the “Kothar Kotha” magazine program. The song was “Name Chilo Tar Opurbo” Hanif Sanket was the voice behind that song.  In the same year, he debuted in the TV drama. His first work was “Akash Choya”. Later he worked in multiple TV dramas including Deyal, Shob Pakhi Ghore Phire, Pathor Shomoy, Saikote Sharosh, Eiti Kotha, Noyon, and Swapner Prithibi. He received the Bachshah award for his work in the TV drama “Noyon”.

Enter into movie world:

During 1992, a well-known production house brought copyrights to three popular Indian movies. The production house gave “Shohanur Rahman Shohan” the responsibility to make one of those movies. He picked “Moushumi” and “Salman” for the major roles. Shohan wanted to work with “Sonom Bewafa” movie, however, Salman insisted to work with “keyamot se Keyamot Tok” movie and Shohan agreed. Later the movie released in the name of “Keyamot theke Keyamot” on 25th March 1993 and the rest became history.

After “Keyamot theke Keyamot” movie, Salman instantly became the favorite choice for a new generation. Since then he worked in 27 movies in just around 4 years of career. He brought a new streamline of fashion, styling and acting in the industry. He became the fashion icon straightway. Salman worked in versatile characters in his short period time of work. From his 27 movies, he worked with Shabnur in 14 movies. He also had some notable works with Moushumi, Shahnaz, Shabnaz. Apart from a few, he found success in all the movies.

Regardless of the movie, he worked as a playback singer in two movies “Prem Juddho” and “Rin Shodh”. He worked in the advertisement of Milk Vita, Jaguar Keds, Ispahani Gold, Star Tea, Cocacola, Fanta and many more.

Unfinished movies after his death:

As the top actor of industry, at the time of his death, Salman had multiple movies in his hands. It created complete chaos in the industry due to his sudden death.  Directors selected some look-alike of Salman to complete some unfinished work of Salman. Some movies took over by other actors. Most of these movies did a good business in the box office.

After the effect of Salman’s death:

In a short time, Salman moved on the top of the industry. His death caused a major shock to the whole country. At the same time, a blame game started within the industry. Some started to blame his coworkers for his death without any basic logic. Directors started to find a new face but the hole was too big to fill. Meanwhile, Salman fans became furious. Some committed suicide. A group of fan-created an association named “Salman Shah Smriti Parishad”. This association still arranges programs on the birth and death anniversary of Salman.

Movies of Salman Shah:

Keyamot theke Keyamot, Tumi Amar, Sujan Sakhi, Bikkov, Seno, Prem Juddho, Den Mohor, Konnar Dan, Shopner Thikana, Anjuman, Moha Milon, Asha Bhalobasha, Bichar Hobe, Ei Ghar Ei Shongshar, Priyjon, Tomake Chai, Swapner Prithibi, Shotter Mrittu, Jibon Sangshar, Mayer Odhikar, Chaoa theke paoa, Prem Piyashi, Shopner Nayok, Shudhu Tumi, Buker Bhitor Agun and Ananda Ashru.

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