Amjad Hossain|| Biography of a Bangladeshi Film Maker & Actor

About Amjad Hossain:

Amjad Hossain is one of the most prominent filmmaker and actor in Bangladesh. He is mostly known as the director of the “Golapi Jokhon Train E” and “Bhat De” movie. Amjad Hossain won the national film award of Bangladesh multiple times. This multi-talented filmmaker had a strong presence on a small screen as well. Apart from being a director, Amjad Hossian was a regular face in acting once. However, he was also well-known personnel in literature. He wrote multiple novels, small stories and etc. This versatile media person was also a scriptwriter and lyricist.

Amjad Hossain Family and others:

Amjad Hossain was born on 14 August 1942 in Jamalpur, Bangladesh. Since his childhood, Amjad grew interested in literature. His initial step was into literature through the rhythm. During 50’s he came into Dhaka and involved in theatre and literature. and He was married to Suraia Akhter and had four sons & a daughter. Among his sons, Shazzad Hossain Dodul and Sohel Arman are well-known media personality in Bangladesh as well.

Amjad Hossain
Source: Daily Bangladesh

On 18th November 2018, Amjad Hossain had a brain stroke. He admitted into Tejgaon Implus Hospital. Later he moved into Bamnugrad Hospital of Bangkok. To ensure his treatment Prime Minister of Bangladesh gave 20 lakh taka to Amjad’s family and paid 22 lakh taka for the air ambulance. On 14th December 2018 Amjad Hossain died in Bangkok while he was under treatment.


In his early days, Amjad Hossain spent significant time in writing. His first written poem published in the “Desh” newspaper. During 1961, Amjad acted in “Tomar Amar” movie. In the same year, he acted in the“Harano Din” movie. In 1963, his first movie as scriptwriter and major character “Dharapat” released.  Later he joined with Zahir Raihan’s team. He worked as Zahir Raihan’s assistant for a while.

“Agun Niye Khela” (1967) was Amjad’s first movie as a director. He jointly directed with Nurul Haque Bacchu in this movie. As a solo director, his first movie was “Julekha” (1967). In 1970, he acted in the “Modhu” character of the “Jibon Theke Neya” movie. It was one of the most popular movie in Bangladesh’s history.

Amjad Hossain
Source: The Daily Star

After the liberation war of Bangladesh, he directed many notable movies including  Noyonmoni, Golapi Jokhon Train e, Shundori, Jonmo theke jolchi, Bhaat De, Hiramoti, Pran er manush, Shundori Bodhu and many more. Most of his movies were commercially successful. Among these movies “Golapi Jokhon Train e” and Bhaat De are his most iconic movies. “Golapi Jokhon Train e” movie made him popular in and outside the country.

In 1981, he worked as a general secretary of the Associations of Film Director. His final present in the movie was in 2005. After that, he occasionally appeared in TV dramas mostly directed by his son Sohel. He directed some eid special TV dramas as well.

Amjad Hossain directly involved with the uprising of 69 and liberation was in Bangladesh. In his writing and movies, the liberation war was one of the prime subjects.


National Film Award: 1976, 1979 (5 Awards), 1979 (2 Awards), 1984 (3 Awards), 2004
Bachshash Award: 1973, 1976, 1978, 1981, 1984, 1988
EKushay Award: 1993
Bangla Academy Literature Award: 2004

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