Kaja Sokola || A former model to accuse against Harvey Weinstein

Who is Kaja Sokola:

Kaja Sokola is originally from Poland. She was born on May 4, 1986, in Warsaw, Poland. Her full name is Kaja Funez Sokola. According to Kaja Sokola’s social media, she is now a psychologist psychotherapist. She is also mentioned as an author by the same source. Previously she had the intention to be a model. However, as per Kaja’s claim, she could not pursue for her dream due to assault by media moghul Harvey Weinstein.

Accuse of Kaja Sokola:

 Sokola, who is currently 33 years old claimed to be accused by Harvey Weinstein 17 years ago. Kaja came to New York, USA when she was 16. Her objective was to establish a career in modeling. In 2002, she met Harvey Weinstein in an event. There she expressed her intention to be a model to Harvey.

Harvey invited her to have lunch. Later, she found that the car picked her to take to lunch, reached SoHo Apartment of Harvey Weinstein. As per Kaja,  she found there that Harvey had the intention to physically abuse her. Based on the situation, Kaja tried to escape but Harvey threatens her to abolish her modeling career and otherwise, he could make her one of the top models.

After affect of abuse:

Kaja Sokola claimed the abuse from Harvey led to a massive after affect in her life.  Kaja mentioned the incident mentally blocked her to get into a relationship with another man for a long time. Also, it led her to long term depression and anxiety.

Rejecting Settlement & Second Filing:

In 2018, Kaja Sokol filed against Harvey under a pseudonym. As Jane Doe, she filed the first time. In 2019, she filed again under her own name. Meanwhile,

kaja sokola
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Kaja stated that she refused the settlement plan of Weinstein Corporation in order to deal with some of his accusers.

Current Life of Kaja Sokola:

As per the official site of Kaja, it is found that she lives in Krakow, Poland as a psychotherapist and author. She has the intention to work with depression, anxiety. She often shares the strategies to deal with such situations as well.

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