Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi || A Bangladeshi TV drama and film director

About Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi:

Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi is one of the most popular TV drama director in Bangladesh. He loves to work behind the camera. However, his fans found him in front of the camera as well. Started from an assistant director job, he became one of the leading director of the country. Meanwhile, he directed some movies as well.

Early Days of Fahmi:

Fahmi was born on September 28, 1983, in Bangladesh. He got admission in BRAC University to study Computer Science. There he met another currently popular director “Redwan Rony”.  Back then both Rony and Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi were thinking to develop some computer games. Meanwhile, they grew curious in the direction as well. In order to pursue their interest, they collected the phone number of famous movie and drama director of Bangladesh, Mostafa Sarwar Farooki to join in his group and they succeed.

Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi
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Joining in the inner circle of Mostafa Sarwar helped them to grow. They worked as the assistant director for Mostafa in a couple of projects including the movie, “Made in Bangladesh (2007)”.

Making of Housefull and promoted as a director:

In 2008,  Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi and Redwan Rony jointly directed a TV series for Ntv. After 2000, it was the most famous TV drama serial in Bangladesh. These director duos showed their charisma in the show. “Fifty 50” is another popular drama series of the Fahmi. Fahmi is also a popular single drama director. Some of his notable single dramas are: “Kingkortobbobimur”, “Amar kotha”, “Murir Tin” and many more.

Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi in Movie Direction:

In 2011, Fahmi announced of directing a movie “To Be Continued…”. There was some complication arose regarding the core characters. From the beginning, it assumed that Tahsan and Purnima were the lead characters of the movie.  However, it came to know that Fahmi, himself was one of the core characters of the movie. After passing many hurdles, in 2017 the movie finally released. Commercially this movie did not found such success in the market.

Fahmi in Acting:

Fahmi had a small appearance in 69 and Talpatar Shemai drama. However, he mentioned that he counted “He-Na” from Mahmud as his first appearance where he worked as full cast. He also appeared in the show “Housefull Plus”. Fahmi told that he worked in his own movie “To Be Continued…”, as he did not found any suitable one to work on. Apart from these, he also worked in some other dramas including The Gap, Candy Crush, Biporite Aami, etc.


 At the end of 2019, there were some controversial private pictures of Fahmi and Mithila released online. It went viral negatively to a sort of people. It created speculation about the divorce between Mithila and Tahsan. However, in a short time, both Fahmi and Mithila stood strongly against it and took legal action. The authority ordered to remove the pictures from online. In support of both Fahmi and Mithila, a group of media members and many general people raised their voice, claimed it was a complete violation of someone’s privacy.

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