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About Mahfuz Ahmed:

Mahfuz Ahmed is one of a renowned Bangladeshi TV drama and movie actor. Coming from a completely non-media background, he received two national film awards. He struggled a lot to establish his career. Despite his massive popularity, Mahfuz kept himself away from acting for a while due to a lack of good script. This seasoned actor is currently focusing more on the TV drama, commercial direction, and production.

Life story of Mahfuz Ahmed:

Mahfuz Ahmed was born on 23rd October 1967 in Noakhali, Bangladesh. His father was a school teacher. He passed his childhood at his village. Since his childhood, Mahfuz was very passionate and emotional. While living in the village, Mahfuz grew interested to come to town. So after his SSC exam, he tried to admit in Dhaka but could not succeed. However, he got admission into Cumilla Victoria Government College. After the HSC exam, he got admission into Dhaka University. Back then he faced problems to live in and used to stay as a lodging master in a house of his father’s student. He struggled a lot in his father but eventually, he broke all challenges to climb on the top.

Mahfuz Ahmed
Source: The New Nation

Marriage Life:

This seasoned actor got married to Ishrat Jahan Quader in 2011. Ishrat Jahan is the daughter of a well-known politician GM Quader. Ishrat completed her higher education from Australia and working as a profession in a private university in Bangladesh. This couple has a daughter, her name is “ Mourin Aradhya Ahmed”.


Mahfuz started his career as a journalist. He motivated by one of his friend to be a journalist. He wrote on multiple topics, however, he focused on the entertainment sector. There he met two icons of Bangladesh, Humayun Ahmed and Imdadul Haque Milon. They pursued him to be an actor. His first drama was “Kon Kanoner Ful” of Imdadul Haque Milon. Other casts of that drama were Shami Kaiser, Azizul Hakim. Later he left journalism to be regular in acting.

Since the beginning, Mahfuz Ahmed played in more than 100 tv dramas. Some of the notables dramas are Kothaw Kau Nei (Moti Character), Chaita Pagol, Ekannobarti, Nitu Tomake Bhalobashi, Nurul Huda Ekoda Bhalobeshechilo and many more.

Mahfuz Ahmed in the movie:

Mahfuz Ahmed made significant appearance on a small screen but made big steps in big screen. He appeared in the “Srabon Megher Din” movie of Humayun Ahmed in 2000. Since then he acted in more than 10 movies including Megher Por Megh, Joyjatra, Char Shatiner Ghat and many more. He received a national film award to perform in the Lal Shabuj movie.

Production House:

This experienced actor became producer through the “Bodh” drama of Chayanika in 1994. Since then he produced numerous drama. In 2015, the movie “Zero Degree” produced from his own production house.

Since the “Zero Degree” movie, Mahfuz Ahmed has taken a break from media. He mentioned looking for a better story to appear in the drama. Mahfuz also stated that his dream of directing a movie to help Bangladesh to compete with the world.

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