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Mishu Sabbir

About Mishu Sabbir: Mishu Sabbir is a Bangladeshi TV actor and model. He gained massive popularity due to his unique expression and delivering speech. Mishu is very popular among the new generation. Misha appeared mostly in comedy-related characters, however, he added variety while his career extended. Meanwhile, Mishu also performed for the big screen as well. Personal Life of Mishu Sabbir: Mishu Sabbir was born on 18th October 1987 in

Mahfuz Ahmed

About Mahfuz Ahmed: Mahfuz Ahmed is one of a renowned Bangladeshi TV drama and movie actor. Coming from a completely non-media background, he received two national film awards. He struggled a lot to establish his career. Despite his massive popularity, Mahfuz kept himself away from acting for a while due to a lack of good script. This seasoned actor is currently focusing more on the TV drama, commercial direction, and

Samia Zaman

About Samia Zaman: Samia Zaman is one of the prominent media personalities in Bangladesh. She is well known for her role as a TV news presenter and hosting TV Talk shows. However, Samia Zaman is more than that. She is playing an extraordinary role in the scene in different sectors. She has vast experience in journalism. Samia has a passion for movie making in which she studied as well. Apart

adnan al rajib

About Adnan Al Rajeev: Adnan Al Rajeev is one of the most prominent TV drama and commercial director in Bangladesh. He is also a producer and scriptwriter. Despite having no interest in media industry, it turned into his passion. From his media house, he directed commercials for all major brands of the country. Early Days of Adnan Al Rajeev: Adnan Al Rajeev was born on 11th May 1987 in Tangail,

Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi

About Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi: Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi is one of the most popular TV drama director in Bangladesh. He loves to work behind the camera. However, his fans found him in front of the camera as well. Started from an assistant director job, he became one of the leading director of the country. Meanwhile, he directed some movies as well. Early Days of Fahmi: Fahmi was born on September 28,

kaja sokola

Who is Kaja Sokola: Kaja Sokola is originally from Poland. She was born on May 4, 1986, in Warsaw, Poland. Her full name is Kaja Funez Sokola. According to Kaja Sokola’s social media, she is now a psychologist psychotherapist. She is also mentioned as an author by the same source. Previously she had the intention to be a model. However, as per Kaja’s claim, she could not pursue for her

Abdul Jabbar Khan

About Abdul Jabbar Khan Abdul Jabbar Khan was the director of the first Bengali movie from East Pakistan or currently Bangladesh, “Mukh o Mukhosh”. Abdul Jabbar Khan had such a significant and crucial role in Bangladesh’s movie industry. He was the pioneer of movie direction in Bangladesh which led the industry in the current situation. He is remembered through different events in his birth and death anniversary, despite he deserves

Amjad Hossain

About Amjad Hossain: Amjad Hossain is one of the most prominent filmmaker and actor in Bangladesh. He is mostly known as the director of the “Golapi Jokhon Train E” and “Bhat De” movie. Amjad Hossain won the national film award of Bangladesh multiple times. This multi-talented filmmaker had a strong presence on a small screen as well. Apart from being a director, Amjad Hossian was a regular face in acting

humayun ahmed

About Humayun Ahmed: Modern Bengali literature reshaped by one person and he was Humayun Ahmed. He, himself was a movement to change the entire literature of Bangladesh. Humayun made literature easy for everyone. His novels were more like storytellers where people could imagine themselves. It was more like to turn the fantasy into reality. He was the master to create characters. These characters had the charisma to make people think.

basu chattejee

About Basu Chatterjee: Basu Chatterjee is an Indian film director. During the eve of 1970, he brought a new wave of the movie in the Indian film industry. He was one of a person who changed the course of an Indian movie. In his directed movies, Basu brought the life of middle-class people with a touch of comedy. He focused on the love & relationships and challenges of middle-class people