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Shakila Zafar

About Shakila Zafar: Since 1980, Shakila Zafar is a popular musical personality in Bangladesh. Shakila left her audience speechless with her harmonious musical voice. Not only her musical competence but her glamourous presence was an ample attraction to the audience. She brought such elegance in the Bangladeshi musical industry. For over three decades she maintained her glorious presence in the industry. Meanwhile, after getting married for the second time, she

Fazle Lohani

About Fazle Lohani: Fazle Lohani is a legendary personality in Bangladesh. He started his career as a journalist. However, later he introduced many sides of his aptitude throughout his lifetime. Despite his enlighten presence in different sectors, Fazle Lohani reached to million hearts by hosting the TV show “Jodi Kichu Mone Na Koren”. Mr. Lohani came from a prestigious family in Bangladesh. He and his family members had important contribution

Pritom Ahmed

About Pritom Ahmed: Pritom Ahmed is a Bangladeshi popular singer. Mostly he wrote his own songs. Through his singing, he tried to inspire people. He showed defendant language through this lyrics against all social, economic and political odds. Pritom had been active in different protests throughout the year.  A Life story of Pritom Ahmed: Pritom Ahmed was born on April 24, 1976, in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He involved with music since

Hanif Sangket

About Hanif Sagket: Hanif Sagket is the greatest TV host in the history of Bangladesh. He is the icon of Bangladesh’s TV magazine program. His passion for his work is incomparable. The ambit of Hanif’s work is so vast. Apart from hosting tv programs, he is popular as a producer, actor, writer and director. He is also known for his environmentalist activities. Meanwhile, in all of his works Hanif Sanket

Pritam Hasan

About Pritam Hasan: Pritam Hasan is a Bangladeshi singer. He is the younger son of renowned Bangladeshi singer Khalid Hasan Milu. Following his father’s footsteps, he has made quite a name a short period of time. Like Protik, Pritam is focusing on the new generation’s to perform a song. The life story of Pritam Hasan: Pritam Hasan was born in Dhaka. His date of birth is on 27th January.  Khaled

Protik Hasan

About Protik Hasan: Protik Hasan is a musician from Bangladesh.  He is mostly known as the elder Son of renowned Bangladeshi musician Khalid Hasan Milu. However, Protik was able to create his own identity in the industry. His father was versatile musician while Protik rather focuses on the current trend music. He is been very close to younger brother Pritom Hasan. Pritom is an active musician as well. The life

Khalid Hasan Milu

About Khalid Hasan Milu: During the ’90s, Khalid Hasan Milu was one of the top a musician in Bangladesh. Milu rendered over 5000 songs and he had more than 10 solo albums. This versatile musician used to play modern Bangla music, patriotic songs and many more. In his prime time, he was a regular voice of the Bangladesh movie industry. For his extraordinary effort in the Bangladesh music industry, Milu


About Shabnur: Shabnur is a Bangladeshi movie actress. From her first movie “Chadni Ratey”, she claimed a top position in the Bangladeshi movie industry slowly. Salman Shah and Shabur were one of the most popular pair in Bangladesh Cinema history. However, her films with other top actors were highly appreciated by spectaculars. After dominating for decades, she left the country to stay oversee. The life story of Shabnur: Kazi Sharmin

ACI Group

About ACI: Advance Chemical Limited or ACI is one of the top business entity in Bangladesh. It runs business mainly in four different categories. These are Pharmaceuticals, Agribusiness, Consumer products, and retail chain. Apart from that, it manages some joint venture projects as well. Despite continuous investment in new businesses and increasing market challenges, It sees 18% growth in the 2017-18 period. It proves how strong root this organization has

ACI Group

About ACI Group: Advanced Chemical Industries or ACI Group is one leading business entity in Bangladesh. It has a heritage of the multinational organization.  Furthermore, it is one of the leading conglomerate in Bangladesh.  ACI operates from four different segments. These are Agribusiness, Consumer brands, Retail Chain and Pharmaceuticals. It has both subsidiary and joint venture business. From a very strategic point of view, they sold their most popular air