ACI Group

About ACI: Advance Chemical Limited or ACI is one of the top business entity in Bangladesh. It runs business mainly in four different categories. These are Pharmaceuticals, Agribusiness, Consumer products, and retail chain. Apart from that, it manages some joint venture projects as well. Despite continuous investment in new businesses and increasing market challenges, It sees 18% growth in the 2017-18 period. It proves how strong root this organization has

ACI Group

About ACI Group: Advanced Chemical Industries or ACI Group is one leading business entity in Bangladesh. It has a heritage of the multinational organization.  Furthermore, it is one of the leading conglomerate in Bangladesh.  ACI operates from four different segments. These are Agribusiness, Consumer brands, Retail Chain and Pharmaceuticals. It has both subsidiary and joint venture business. From a very strategic point of view, they sold their most popular air

15 things you must do to build a successful business

We all have heard different stories on successful business. Steve Jobs built Apple, Mark Zuckerberg developed Facebook, Bill Gates made Microsoft and etc. All these people are an inspiration to millions to do something in life. However, their success did not come in a day rather it was a result of a great persistence. They followed their motto austerely. All these great stories started from zero and became immense. People

 Revolution of Pathao – Amazing New features

Pathao started operation in Bangladesh during 2015. Primarily they were simply focused on delivery service. However, after they introduced ride-sharing service, their popularity touched sky within Dhaka metropolitan area, especially to the young generation. It allowed them to gain some investment and eventually it changed the overall landscape of the organization. With new investment Pathao has introduced some very unique and electrifying features in their application, considering the current digital

Digital Services

Digitalization is one of most prioritize agenda of Bangladesh Government. Being expertize in the digital world is not an optional task, it’s important to keep yourself in the worldwide race.  Digitalization does not mean only using email, social media or having a chat box in the website, but it has a much broader area to discuss. It includes the automation in a production house, online-based communications, analyzing big data to

Pathao Ride

All the Dhaka city residents have one common thing to hate which they need to face it every single day. Many of them are even thinking to leave the country due to this experience. You already understand what we are talking about. This is nothing but the “traffic jam” of Dhaka, the ultimate time killing the machine. In every working day at morning, one needs to keep around 1 hour

PRAN’s export reaches new height

PRAN, a leading food processing company broke own export record in 2017. Comparing to the year 2012-13, in 2016-17 they had 57% growth in total export. Despite different social and political dilemma around the world PRAN managed to enter into new markets with new products every year which helped them to reach this peak of export.  The continuous export growth helped them to win 10 best national export trophy in