Eder Militao

About Eder Militao: Eder Militao is a Brazilan footballer. He showed much maturity than his age as a defender. Eder Militao used the opportunity he received to show his skill to the world and it worked. He was one of top priority in the region of Mourinho at Manchester United, however, it did not happen. Meanwhile, Real Madrid secured the destination of Eder Militao at Bernabéu amid the threat of

Luka Jovic

About Luka Jovic: Luka Jovic is a Serbian footballer. He showed his excellent skill in pitch which is compared to Ramadin Falcao. He has come from a poor family however it made him stronger. His father’s strong affection for football and unconditional support from his mother inspired him to build a career in football. Starting at an early age, Luka was able to take create a space for him in

abir chatterjee

About Abir Chatterjee: Abir Chatterjee is a Kolkata based Indian actor. Started from a small screen, he eventually established himself as one of a top media personality in the Tollywood. He received a national award as a recognition for his extraordinary performance. However, he is most popular in the town due to his role-playing in two iconic detective characters. Personal Life: Abir Chatterjee was born on November 18, 1980, in

Eden Hazard

About Eden Hazard: Eden  Hazard is a Belgium football wizard. He came from a complete crazy football family. Started from an early age, he proved his worth in every chance he received. The world saw his best when he was in Chelsea. He helped Chelsea to win multiple trophies. Meanwhile, his performance with the national team was also eye-catching. Football critics have compared him with Messi and Ronaldo. In this

Subir Nandi

About Subir Nandi: Subir Nandi was a Bangladeshi legendary music maestro. Throughout his career, Subir played almost all form of songs. His versatility made him a unique personality in the Bangladesh music industry. He could capture the nuances of all branches of songs as a master. He kept his footsteps in small, big screen and as well as in Radio. For his extraordinary contribution, he was honored by national award

Aparna Sen

About Aparna Sen: Aparna Sen is one of prominent media personality in India. At the time of the late ’60s and mean the time of ’70s, Aparna Sen was a leading actress industry. From the front of the camera, she also worked at the back of the camera as a director. Aparna involved in journalism and raised voice in different social issues. Her work focused on the right and social

Biography of Bangladeshi Singer Shuvro Dev

About Shuvro Dev: Shuvro Dev is a Bangladeshi singer. Starting from a very early age, he became a sensation to a new generation in ’90s. Apart from singing Shuvro was very much active in sports as well. Also, his songs regarding different world cup in both cricket and football also praised by all as well. Key Facts: Born on 26th August 1966 in Sylhet, Bangladesh. Started to play cricket since

Shafin Ahmed

About Shafin Ahmed: Shafin Ahmed is a Bangladeshi eminent musician. He is one of a founder member of legendary Bangladeshi Band “Miles”. This singer has expanded his footstep from the region of Bangladesh to the international area as well.  Apart from the part of the band, Safin is well established in the music industry as a solo performer. This prominent musician is also active in politics. Key Facts: Born on


About S.D. Rubel: S.D. Rubel is a Bangladeshi singer. He claimed a strong position in the music industry back in 2000. However, he appeared in a different form of activities including singing, acting and producing Telefilm, drama. Key Facts: Born on 18th September, Chandpur, Bangladesh. The debuted album was “Jiboner Shoikote”. “Lal Benaroshi” song gave S.D. Rubel a huge popularity Released around 37 solos and 400 mixed albums Worked as

Abdul Alim

Key Facts: Date of Birth: 27th July 1931 Born In: Talibpur, Murshidabad, West Bengal First Recorded Songs: At the age of 14,  Songs were “Tor Mostafa k de na mago” and “Aftab oai Boshlo Pothe”. No. of Songs: 100+ playback songs, around 500 gramophone recorded Died on:  5th September 1974 About Abdul Alim: Abdul Alim is a legendary folk musician of Bangladesh. Despite different social crisis he continued to develop