Bari Siddiqui

About Bari Siddiqui: Bari Siddiqui is Bangladesh’s one of the most prominent music personality. He had an incredible contribution to introduce Bangla folk music to a new generation. However, he was also an amazing flutist and songwriter as well. This eminent musician extended his footstep from concert to movies. He built his own realm where an irreplaceable hole created after his death. Personal Life: Bari Siddiqui was born on November

Dia Mirza

About Dia Mirza: Dia Mirza is a perfect example of “Beauty with a brain”.  Dia is an Indian movie actress, model, and social worker. Initially, she worked as a model. Meanwhile, she gained popularity for Bollywood. However, later she used her fame for the welfare of general people and create awareness on the environment, lifestyle, etc. Personal Life:  Dia Mirza was born on 9th December 2019 in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh,

Rittika Sen

About Rittika Sen: Rittika Sen is Kolkata based Indian movies actress.  She started acting from an early age. However, she worked in a very limited number of movies since then. Apart from her work in Kolkata, she worked in a Bangladesh-India joint production movie as well. Personal Life: Rittika Sen was born on 14th April 1991 in Kolkata, India. She has a younger brother.  Since her childhood, Rittikah was highly

Arman Alif

About Arman Alif: Arman Alif is a Bangladeshi singer. He became a popular face in the industry through YouTube. However, his starting was not quite promising but within a short period of time, Alif took the light to his side. Meanwhile, he managed to get a huge base of followers as well. Besides, to a group of people, he became known as “Record Boy”. Personal Life: Arman Alif was born

Ayub Bachchu

About Ayub Bachchu: Ayub Bachchu is a Bangladesh legendary singer, songwriter, composer and guitarist. Bachchu is one of best guitarist, Bangladesh ever had. He is the icon of Bangladesh Band industry. His songs crossed the boundary of Bangladesh and influenced the people from around the country.  His band and solo works influenced all type of people, especially the young generation. This maestro was not only a singer but also an

Orchita Sporshia

About Orchita Sporshia: Orchita Sporshia is a Bangladeshi model and actress. She introduced in media world through advertisement. However, later she became popular through different drama. Meanwhile, she gained the attention of different types of people through social media. However, she took a break from the media due to a personal reason but came back eventually. Personal Life: Orchita was born on 8th December 1993 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. From an

Tony Dias

About Tony Dias: Tony Dias is a Bangladesh actor. During the ’90s, he was one of the top media personalities in Bangladesh. However, after being active for more than 20 years he left Bangladesh with his family. Despite his absence for such a long time, people still remind him on different occasion. He is well known for his good behavior and mannered behavior. Personal Life: Tony Dias was born on

Prosun Azad

About Prosun Azad: Prosun Azad is a Bangladeshi model, director, and actress. She participated in a beauty pageant show and came under the limelight. Though, she involved in media-related activities before that. Since the beginning, Prosun was part of a tangled tale. However, she managed to overcome the hurdles of life and started newly. Personal Life: Azra Unjum Prosun is the real name of Prosun Azad. She was born on

Adil Hossain Noble

About Adil Hossain Noble: Adil Hossain Noble is an iconic model in the Bangladeshi media industry. He is one of a rare personality in Bangladesh who established himself solely as a model. Apart from his modeling career, he has been a successful corporate personality in Bangladesh. Personal Life: Adil Hossain Noble, commonly known as Noble came from Chattagram to Dhaka. Noble was born on 20th December 1968. He completed his

Safa Kabir

About Safa Kabir: Safa Kabir is one of the most popular face in Bangladesh in a new generation. She works as a model, presenter in both TV and Radio and actress in TV media. So far she has succeeded in all forms of media. Personal Life: Anatomy Kelly is the original name of Safa. Her grandfather kept this name as when she was born her father Humayun Kabir was in