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Five Potential Return in WWE Royal Rumble 2018

Royal Rumble is one of the major events of WWE. It is the starting point of WrestleMania countdown.  To some Royal Rumble is the most exciting event of the year as this is the occasion where WWE Superstar returns and some new join. In 2016 Royal Rumble, AJ Styles join in the WWE roster and the rest is history. A royal rumble winner also gets a confirm spot in WrestleMania

Game of Thrones

What are you looking for a TV show? A good story or maybe actions or may be great acting. It’s hard to find all the required ingredients to make a show popular in one place. Even if it’s mixed still it’s almost impossible to keep title high for a long run. Very few TV shows made this possible and Game of Thrones is one of them. This show is already

FIFA World Cup 2018 Participants

  Group A:  Russia: Fifa Ranking: 65 Total Appearances: 10 First FWC: 1958 Best Achievement: 4th place in 1966 Saudi Arabia: Fifa Ranking: 63 Total Appearances: 4 First FWC: 1994 Best Achievement: Round of 16, 1994 Egypt Fifa Ranking: 31 Total Appearances: 2 First FWC: 1934 Best Achievement: First Stage 1934, 1990 Uruguay Fifa Ranking: 21 Total Appearances: 12 First FWC: 1930 Best Achievement: Champion 1930, 1950 Group B Portugal

Top 5 Largest Football Stadiums

Top 5 largest Football Stadiums In some countries it is known as “Soccer”, in some countries it is known as “Football”. It does not matter what people call but everyone agrees that Football is the most popular game on this earth. This is a magical game and magical stories are written every day in different corners of the world. Players give their best to win the game and fans are

Xiaomi A1: A solution for budget phone

Previous versions of Xiaomi phones used highly modified Android version. Usually Xiaomi phones have high specifications yet, not fully capitalized due to different platform related weakness. On the other hand, Anroid One, a program started by Google back in 2014 to expand their user base in developing countries. Anroid One is a standard created by Google to run on low-cost electronic devices with full Anroid facilities. First generation Android One