Fifa World Cup Football, 2018 Schedule

The Greatest Show on the Earth will start from 14th June 2018. This is the first time a World Cup Football hosted by Russia. The screen of the tournament will open with the match between Russia v Saudi Arabia. In total 32 teams have been divided into 8 groups to participate in this tournaments. 2 top teams from each team would move to Top 16. Groups Group A: Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt,

EPL Rewind: Manchester City 2017/18 Review

Pep Guardiola joined in Manchester City with a high hope in the previous season. Under his supervision, Manchester City had a tricky season in 2016/2017. However, the new blueprint of Pep for 2017/2018 season just blew away all of their EPL oppositions. They just did not win but also maintained such a high standard through the season. It also needs to mention that, the Pep’s success in this season backed

Ball Tempering in Cricket: Punishments for Involving in Major Ball Tampering Incidents

Australian players recently found to involve in a ball tampering incident. Smith and Warner have been banned for one year while Bancroft banned for nine months by Cricket Australia; Lehman has resigned as a coach also. Media and Social Media are acting like this is an unreal event, but is it? Ball tampering is not a new incident in Cricket. It happened lots of time before. There might be controversy

Summary of ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifying Tournament: Fairy Tale of Afghanistan, Nightmare of Zimbabwe

Back in 2015, ICC declared in 2019 it would be a ten teams’ world cup tournament. 8 of these 10, would be selected directly from the ICC Cricket Ranking table whereas remaining two would be selected from a qualifying tournament. Logic behind this system was to make Cricket World Cup more exciting and competitive. However, it created such controversy. The protest basically came from lower end teams. These teams usually

Nidahas Trophy 2018: A Summary of the Tournament

Bangladesh and India joined in Sri Lanka in a tri-nation T20 tournament. Sri Lanka started the series just after winning another Tri-nation in Bangladesh. On the hand, Bangladesh came to join in Nidahas Trophy with the broken minded team. They lost the tri-nation tournament, T20 series and test series in a just previous month. Not only that their Captain Shakib Al Hasan, also missed the first phase of the tournament


Arsenal’s last 5 matches: LOSE | LOSE | LOSE | LOSE | WIN It’s safe to say, this team is a long far away from their best performance. The situation at Emirates is getting complicated day by day as the performance is not speaking for them. Despite boasting the attacking section in last winter transfer season, it is not giving any positive result for them yet. However, ever ignore defensive section’s

WWE, it’s just another great TV show

Since your childhood, you are a die heart fan of WWE. You always believed everything WWE showed you, is true. You were excited about every move makes by WWE superstar. Suddenly a realistic person comes to you and explains this is just a stage show. People are telling you that you have been grown enough; now it’s time to quit to watch this show. So are you going to quit

Five Potential Return in WWE Royal Rumble 2018

Royal Rumble is one of the major events of WWE. It is the starting point of WrestleMania countdown.  To some Royal Rumble is the most exciting event of the year as this is the occasion where WWE Superstar returns and some new join. In 2016 Royal Rumble, AJ Styles join in the WWE roster and the rest is history. A royal rumble winner also gets a confirm spot in WrestleMania

FIFA World Cup 2018 Participants

  Group A:  Russia: Fifa Ranking: 65 Total Appearances: 10 First FWC: 1958 Best Achievement: 4th place in 1966 Saudi Arabia: Fifa Ranking: 63 Total Appearances: 4 First FWC: 1994 Best Achievement: Round of 16, 1994 Egypt Fifa Ranking: 31 Total Appearances: 2 First FWC: 1934 Best Achievement: First Stage 1934, 1990 Uruguay Fifa Ranking: 21 Total Appearances: 12 First FWC: 1930 Best Achievement: Champion 1930, 1950 Group B Portugal

Top 5 Largest Football Stadiums

Top 5 largest Football Stadiums In some countries it is known as “Soccer”, in some countries it is known as “Football”. It does not matter what people call but everyone agrees that Football is the most popular game on this earth. This is a magical game and magical stories are written every day in different corners of the world. Players give their best to win the game and fans are