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WWE, it’s just another great TV show

Since your childhood, you are a die heart fan of WWE. You always believed everything WWE showed you, is true. You were excited about every move makes by WWE superstar. Suddenly a realistic person comes to you and explains this is just a stage show. People are telling you that you have been grown enough; now it’s time to quit to watch this show. So are you going to quit

Five Potential Return in WWE Royal Rumble 2018

Royal Rumble is one of the major events of WWE. It is the starting point of WrestleMania countdown.  To some Royal Rumble is the most exciting event of the year as this is the occasion where WWE Superstar returns and some new join. In 2016 Royal Rumble, AJ Styles join in the WWE roster and the rest is history. A royal rumble winner also gets a confirm spot in WrestleMania