Movie Director

Amjad Hossain

About Amjad Hossain: Amjad Hossain is one of the most prominent filmmaker and actor in Bangladesh. He is mostly known as the director of the “Golapi Jokhon Train E” and “Bhat De” movie. Amjad Hossain won the national film award of Bangladesh multiple times. This multi-talented filmmaker had a strong presence on a small screen as well. Apart from being a director, Amjad Hossian was a regular face in acting

humayun ahmed

About Humayun Ahmed: Modern Bengali literature reshaped by one person and he was Humayun Ahmed. He, himself was a movement to change the entire literature of Bangladesh. Humayun made literature easy for everyone. His novels were more like storytellers where people could imagine themselves. It was more like to turn the fantasy into reality. He was the master to create characters. These characters had the charisma to make people think.

Biography: Movie Director Mostofa Sarwar Farooki

Mostofa Sarwar Farooki is a Bangladesh TV drama and movie director and producer.  He is also one of the best TV commercial director in Bangladesh. Farooki created his own group of a fan with his unique type of direction. He was able to create a separate impression in each work. Each work of Farooki was like a storytelling of daily life chores. Mostofa tried to introduce daily life way of